Blackjack bot = beat the wager requirements

I came across this piece of software a few days ago and realised I could use it to beat the wager requirements of many casinos, It basically plays the blackjack for you at the most optimum method to minimise the house edge.

Now we all know that you are never going to beat blackjack, the only half proven method is card counting and that isn't perfect, but now you can take advantage of the bonus on offer from lots of online casinos. I have used this software on VC Casino, I deposited 150 played through 2500 and had 95 left at the end. Now that looks like a 55 loss but in fact once I had played through the 2500, VC gave me a 100 bonus. So I am up 45. And it was all automatic, all I had to do was press start on the software, and occasionally restart the window as it timed out, maybe due to my internet.

STEP 1: First you need to download firefox, if you don't have it already. - Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable

STEP 2: Then download bot software: - You can download trial version which is good for 5 casinos, need to pay 50 to 100 for full version but I haven't even done that yet.

STEP 3: Then sign up to any of the follow:

VC Casino = 100 bonus - 2500 wagering requirement - BY FAR THE BEST OFFER - HIGHEST PAYBACK SO FAR WAS 305 UP BY A FRIEND OF MINE!! I GOT 150 OUT INCLUDING BONUS.

William Hill = 25 bonus - 400 wagering requirement GOOD METHOD TO TEST SOFTWARE I SIGNED UP WITH 50 AND TOOK OUT 66 Easy 16

Inter Casino UK = 45 bonus (Code: W21MYUK) - 2925 wagering requirements HIGHER RISK AS 2 MINIMUM SIGNED UP WITH 90 AND TOOK OUT 100, NOT GREAT RETURN BUT STILL PROFIT.

Ladbrokes = 100 bonus (Deposit 100) - 400 wagering requirement VERY RISKY, MUST GAMBLE 10 AT A TIME I DEPOSITED 200 TO COPE WITH SWINGS AND ENDED ON 370 WITH BONUS, WAS SCARY THOUGH!!

BWin = EUR 100 bonus (Deposit EUR 200) = EUR 6000 wagering requirement
EUR 50 bonus (Deposit EUR 100) = EUR 3000 wagering requirement ON MY TO DO LIST

STEP 4: Then let the bot play!! I would recommend 1 bets; it will take longer but reduces the risk as you can easily cope with the swing.

This software also shows you the correct way to play blackjack; I have watched it for a few hours and would now feel comfortable to playing in a live game in a casino.