Unlike others we have a PHONE, ADDRESS and LICENSE for running the business.

Uinvest Inc - Buy/sell shares of real projects, manage them - all online, guaranteed high profit.

At Uinvest you become a co owner of REAL businesses (gas stations, restaurants, hotels etc), you can come and see what you invest in, manage their growth, payout dividends - or just sit and watch your income grow! In just a few minutes you can buy a share of a profitable gas station or a restaurant - YOU decide where to invest and how much. If you buy a controlling bloc of shares - you decide how will the business develop.

UInvest Innovative Financial Marketplace Created for You!
UInvest has offices in Ukraine and USA, registered enterprise and legal

Uinvest registered in Ukraina

Uinvest registered in USA ,California
EIN is 45-2545679, Entity Number is C3385516.

***Overview of UInvest ***

Uinvest offers a unique opportunity for all people around the world to invest in a real business that is located in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Issues surrounding investment in Ukraine and lending rates are very high. This makes Uinvest offers a great solution to that problem. In addition, business owners do not want to deal with individual investors who only invest a small amount of money because it's a hassle. This is where Uinvest instrumental and get the gap. Uinvest a mediator between individual investors with the company's business owners. Benefits for business owners with Uinvest presence, in addition to capital that can be obtained easily, they can focus on their business and not impaired in demand and investor inquiries.

Uinvest not only handle the investment, but investigate businesses a powerful, professional, and profitable. Thus, lowering the risk of substantial as you invest in a solid company. This is the advantage for investors and Uinvest own, because Uinvest get 10 percent of the dividends (profit sharing) shares you earn each month. So, you can see how this is a win win situation for the business owner or business owner, Uinvest as intermediaries and investors.

This company has been online for four years doing business and helping people to invest locally. Uinvest opened the door for all people around the world for almost a year already and they keep adding more and more businesses to invest safely. Uinvest is a great company that is only looking for the best business with very minimal risk and high return on investment Uinvestor. When buying shares of a company then you get a monthly income and Uinvest will take a small amount (10 percent) of the income of all people. This is a real business where you invest in them, and they sent a document signed and sealed once you invest in a particular company..


Uinvest officer in Ukraine ~~~


===Uinvest CROWDFUNDING 2012===

*This annual event in China. and this time the official representative Uinvest take a stand there.*

**yes, the advantages and reasons why you join in Uinvest**

*clear business and has offices in the UK and the USA officially established in 2007 and became offline and online in 2010 as in the image above

*dividend income or profit ROI is quite high about 7-20% per month and it depends of the stocks we choose it.

*yes, the monthly profit in a timely, flexible if you need funds you can sell stocks and take immediate funds (withdrawal)

*deposit and payment tool a lot and I used to use Liberty reserve for the transaction because it is easier for me.

*high security systems website is protected by Comodo and Trust Wave, a more secure.