If he did not kill any person, then he is a fake ass g and a studio gangster.

Not many people have had such a hard but interesting life as 50 Cent.

He was raised without a father and by a drug-dealer mother who died when he was eight. He was raised by his grandmother from then on. He opened a boxing gym at the age of 14 but had already started selling drugs on the streets and bringing his product and guns to school, until he was expelled and arrested. When he was 19 he was arrested again for selling narcotics to an undercover cop, and when police searched his house, they found small amounts of cocaine and an unlicensed pistol. He served six months in a boot camp and eventually started his new career in rapping.

I don't believe that he has killed anybody personally, but it was speculated that he organised the murder of “Darryl ‘Hommo’ Baum”, the man who shot 50 Cent nine times in May 2000. It was never proven to lead back to the rapper, but theories arose that 50 Cent may have had something to do with his murder, and it makes a lot of sense to retaliate against someone who nearly killed him outside his own grandmothers house. Moreover, in 50 Cent’s hit song “Many Men” in the music video, he can be seen making a ‘shady’ deal with someone who ultimately shoots someone as the rapper walks out a building 30 seconds after. Maybe he inclined that he had something to do with it, but one things for certain, don't **** with 50.

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