Well, crap. I'm currently sitting in a classroom full of 30 bored and hungry students who definitely don't want to be blown up today.

Assuming the grenade is truly live and about to explode, I'd be completely screwed. I'd take the first second up by realizing that a horrifyingly dangerous object had just fallen into my lap. Shock would render me immobile for at least a second, and then I'd only have four-five seconds to act.

I sit at the back of the classroom, so I could be out in close to two seconds. Once I was was outside, though, there's not much I could do. In a best case scenario, someone's opening their locker right in front of my classroom and I can slam it shut and dive for cover behind the planter.

If I'm not fortunate enough to have this lucky occurrence, I'd probably chuck it down the hall in whichever direction had no people. I'm sure I'd be hit with shrapnel, but hopefully I'd be spared from death, along with the other five hundred people currently sitting in my building.

In all honesty, everything would take so long to process that I'd probably end up dead, as well as a couple hundred other students. Sorry, guys.

Source: https://www.quora.com/A-live-grenade...t-would-you-do

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