Hello Fellow P.PSTERS:
I was just thinking about a company I worked for in the 1990s. They would make big promises about all they would do for the employees, and how great everything would be. Then the deadline would roll around and what they promised wouldn't be done. However, come two week or a month later, they were true to their word. It simply took them a little longer to make it happen then the original plan.
Look at P.PS the same way, and things take on a new light. For a moment, forget that we all may be a little inconvenienced regarding the delays of payment. Has this company ever NOT done what it said it was going to do. Not that I know of. Things are just taking a little longer then planned.
While BM and the companys leaders are doing what's gotta be done, our ROL is growing like a weed. The payoff when things are complete will be WELL worth the wait.
Take it from someone who knows what it's like to wait patiently in the business world. Just hang in there, and do your job well. We'll all be rewarded soon enough!