I visited both the herald square location and the soho location and let me tell you the staff and service are extremely different. The staff at the soho location are so nice and friendly. When I first went in I was quite confused because it was my first time visiting this store. No one greeted me or asked if I needed help. But then I walked downstairs and Tiffany was so friendly and quickly asked if I needed help with anything. I told her I was interested in a certain item and she took them out for me to see. She also offered if I wanted anything to drink. As I was trying them on another staff member, Yvonne came by and assisted me instead and again she was very friendly and helpful. Gave me insight on which bag would be best suited for my lifestyle. http://www.louisvuittonc.com She rang me up and asked if I wanted a box for the item. No such services were offered at the herald square location. And my item didn't come in a box,http://www.louisvuittonc.com/, just a dustbag and no beverages were offered. Needless to say if I were to purchase another item I would definitely go back to the soho location.