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    Default 5 Steps To Stock Investing Without Too Much Risk

    They hold 52% of their savings in cash and only 28% in stocks, according to a UBS study. For other generations, the weightings are nearly the reverse: 23% in cash and 46% in stocks.

    low high.jpg

    But investing conservatively ó or investing very little and holding your money in cash ó runs counter to conventional investment advice for the young, which says, invest aggressively now, while your long time horizon will allow you to recover from any losses, so you can reap the compounding benefits of growth.


    1. Learn about the various types of investments.
    2. Invest in a broadly diversified portfolio of low-cost ETFs (exchange traded funds) and index funds.
    3. Donít try to beat the market; participate in it.
    4. To mitigate the risk even further, look into Motif Investing.
    5. When trying Motif, decide what type(s) of investing you'd like to do.

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    yes this is right... nice explained

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