Believe it or not, tech investing doesn’t have to raise your blood pressure. Forget what you think you know about the “best technology stocks,” because there are plenty of other options. For instance, there are high-dividend technology stocks for long term investors.I’ll freely admit that these tech companies aren’t the sexiest stocks on the market. They won’t make for riveting cocktail party conversations, but at least they’re relatively safe and you can expect from them a steady stream of income.
For instance, they don’t care if nine out of 10 of their stocks go under. All they need is one giant score to compensate for the losers. By contrast, risk-averse investors are supposed to hold a set of stable, income-generating stocks that don’t need much active management.

list of the top three high dividend technology stocks.
1. High-Dividend Technology Stocks: Verizon Communications Inc. Yields 4.2%

2. High-dividend Technology Stocks: AT&T Inc. Yields 4.46%

3. High-dividend Technology Stocks: Vodafone Group Plc Yields 4.95%