Wollenberg Global is operating since January 2005. It became online since August 2006. To take advantage of profitable opportunities, Wollenberg Global invest in offshore mutual-funds, private placements, red-hot emerging markets and evolving companies in China, Russia and Europe. Wollenberg Global also places funds in various short and long term projects where profits can be quite high. Wollenberg International is a community of people that lend funds to various projects, and we pay the loans back to Wollenberg Global members based on the results of each project.
This program is paying for one year, I found no complaint or negative comments here or other forums.

Much more new info is available in MEMBERS AREA (very innovative).
4 plans are availalble up to 400% within 20 months. Special enhancement programs available too.
Wollenberg ING is excellent long term investment program and is addressed to people interested in long term investments.

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