PayPal Money Market Fund

Competitive Return
4.73% 7-Day Average Yield as of 11/20/2007
  • Immediate access: Get your money just as fast as with your PayPal account.1 See the prospectus today.
  • No minimum investment: Invest as little as $1.00 USD in the Money Market Fund. You donít have to worry about maintaining a certain balance.
  • Managed by experts: PayPalís Money Market Fund is managed by Barclays Global Investors, international experts who oversee over $1.50 USD trillion in global assets.

Enroll today - it's easy! You need a PayPal account to sign up. Log into your account, then click Money Market at the bottom of each page. Your PayPal account will work the same Ė except now, you'll earn a return on your money. And with the PayPal Debit Card, youíll get convenient access to your balance.

Enroll in the PayPal Money Market Fund today!

Note: Investments in the PayPal Money Market Fund are not insured by the FDIC. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Although the fund strives to maintain the value of your investment at $1.00 USD per share, it is possible to lose money by investing in the fund.

1Redemptions can occur only on business days.

The PayPal Money Market Fund is designed primarily as an automatic sweep investment for uninvested cash balances in PayPal customer accounts. Distributed by Funds Distributor, Inc. PayPal is not affiliated with Funds Distributor, Inc. or with Barclays Global Investors.