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    Talking Which F1 GPs have you attended in your life time? Also are you going to any in 2009?

    I attended the 2007 Australian GP, it was my first F1 GP and it was fantastic.

    I was supposed to be attending the Singapore GP this year (i live in Northern Australia and Singapore is only a 2 hour flight from my town) but i didn't have enough money saved up, so i'll be attending next years Singapore GP... I can't wait. :)

    How about you?

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    Welcome to the Forum Jonojo.

    Yr post reminds me of Kenny Roberts back then between him and Barry Sheene and our Dutch Wil Hartog at the motor GP in '79.

    Click HERE for some nostalgia... esp. for biker fans. I'm a Yamaha RD 350 & Honda 750-4 as well as a Suzuki Titan 500 owner that raced (street and illegal matches ) like hell for bets and claiming other bikes and cars when I win the "illegal street races" on behalf of the operators, we do side bets too among us couriers. Illegal races includes driving thru red lights after midnight and traffic cops in cars at your tail.... hoping to catch up and lock you up with hefty fines thru the Magistrate courts... if they are fast enough...LoL.

    You missed the Sept F1 GP held in Spore last year, not this year. It was the 1st ever night races held under thousands of bright street lights and it was naturally, an overwhelming success and a stale ending for Ferrari on that event.

    My friend (a beer buddy as well) was a Pit steward and enjoyed the privileges that goes with it being in the center of all the celebs and famous drivers and the partying thereafter esp. when Lewis had to concede to Alonso whom I also placed a bet on another Forum I exchange frequently, to win and he did. Won many beers i.e. in I O Us among buddies there.!!!

    Lots of photos snapped by a few top names among forum buddies that specialize in Photography so we had a long stream of beauties to admire too on the Forum.

    What is your current street beast for a machine that you cruise in and who is your current icon on the circuit?

    The next GP in Melbourne is 27-29 in March, have you booked yr seating already matey?

    Here's a glimpse of the circuit layout for the next F1 on Sept 27 in Singapore>>:

    Have U confirmed or R U satisfied with answer to your post? Click the "Thanks" button to show it.

    My new Android experience, the>> Samsung S2 & this special>> APP to go with it.

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