What soccer position is hardest to play?

The typical answer to this question would be “the #10” playmaker, but today’s game is evolving so fast that the hardest position to master is one you wouldn’t expect (and you’ll see why): it’s true that outside back is the toughest to master!

Most teams today play with either 4 or 3/5 at the back. In both systems, the left and right backs (sometimes called wing backs) have 2 very difficult and often competing responsibilities:

Get involved in the attack in the flanks when your team has the ball
Stop the most dangerous players on the opposing team when your team doesn’t have the ball
Chelsea’s left back is Marcos Alonso… Here we see his positioning. He is more often in the attack than in defense- as a left back!!

Defense: As a left back, Marcos is responsible for marking the opposing team’s right forward/winger… So against Liverpool, Alonso has to mark one of the league’s best players in Mo Salah!!!

Some will say the playmaker #10 role or box-to-box #8 will have to attack and defend; but none are as defensively-culpable for the opposition’s best attackers while still being responsible for utilizing the width of the field to lead the attack.

On top of these basics, now realize the outside backs have only half the teammates to pass to that a center back/mid has. On top of that, throw in 6–7 miles per game of box to box sprinting… It’s an insanely difficult position to master!

Source; https://www.quora.com/What-soccer-po...ardest-to-play

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