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    Default What is it like being exceptionally tall?

    Huh. No tall women here responding? Okay, fine, I'll go.

    I'm about 5'10 (177.8 cm) , which puts me in the 98.8th percentile for women. (The equivalent height for men would be 6'4. (193 cm))

    It's not a huge deal, but I would happily be shorter if I could.


    Many guys prefer "short, petite" girls.
    Since women tend to date guys taller than them, most men are "off limits." 55% of guys are shorter than me (<5'10), and only 20% of guys are noticeably taller than me (>=6'0 or 182.8 cm).

    If you are overweight, you end up looking "like a truck."

    You can't wear heels (or if you do, you'll likely be much taller than guys).

    Finding pants can be a challenge. I tend to have to buy very expensive jeans, since they are made longer (because people will pay to have them hemmed). Remember, of course, that women's pants don't come in length measurements. They just have a waist measurement.

    Shorts are basically off-limits. You have to pick from "grandma" length shorts (eww) or ridiculously short shorts (uh, no).

    Most casual skirts and dresses are way too short. They're made to be shortish on a typical woman which, on me, is super ridiculously short.


    Formal dresses tend to be right length already. (They're made to be longer, since you'll typically adjust them.) I rarely need to hem any formal clothing.

    A potential athletic advantage, depending on the sport
    I rarely have trouble reaching things.
    Neutral / mixed:

    People make some psychological assumptions about tall people. They assume they're more assertive, aggressive, etc.

    Source: QUORA

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    I think the growth is not the most important indicator.

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