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    Default Why Lionel Messi cannot leave Barcelona

    Why doesn’t Lionel Messi leave Barcelona?

    Messi doesn’t need to, is a simple answer.

    Top 5 reasons I would reckon,

    Barcelona has been with Messi through thick and thin. Any club would have been? Perhaps. But Barcelona did since they scouted him. Jorge Messi who is Messi’s agent and father echoed this a million times. He gets offers a lot every year but he ignores them.

    Messi became Messi at Barcelona. From La Masia to Barca-B and Barca-B to Barca-A, he has turned into a beast. Thanks to his coaches and he is always indebted to the academy there.
    Messi doesn’t need to leave a great club with a great history just to prove that he can also play like himself in other leagues. He has been showing the world what he can do every year in big games with “big clubs”.

    There is a certain thing called Loyalty and it’s hard for them to leave their long term clubs. Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Ramos, R.Giggs etc never bothered to look out for offers. They’re content and there was no strong reason for them to move.

    Barcelona is home for Messi. His wife has a huge business there(thanks to her husband’s popularity), his kids are settled. No point in moving.

    I don’t really see a reason, let alone strong reason for him to make a move. Money? May be but he is already the highest paid Footballer on the planet. He will most likely finish his European career at Barcelona before moving to Argentina or MLS.


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