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    Default Six deadly mistake you must avoid in the course to burst the bookies!!! A must read!!!

    Dear punter; here in the article are the worst mistakes you must avoid if truly you wish to burst the bookies;

    Read carefully and stick to it while you keep your punting career alive!!!

    Mistake #1. Action Overload

    Listen, too much action is the worst mistake sports bettors can make.
    Fact is, you want to hedge the odds against you, not increase them!

    The key to success is exploiting value in the odds, more specifically, getting
    your money in with only the odds worth betting! and taking in with the right bookie.

    Mistake #2. A Feeling

    The most common mistake made by recreational sports bettors is betting on a
    “feeling” or “following their “gut”. While this strategy might work short
    term, remember, numbers never lie!

    For long term success in sports betting it’s CRITICAL you analyze the numbers.
    The secret now and forever is getting your hard earned money in with the best
    odds worth betting. The right bookies will do the job.

    Mistake #3. Doing it yourself

    Truth be told, unless you have hours upon hours each day to keep up with teams, stats, trends, etc. then it’s virtually impossible to keep up and to gain a competitive edge – much less to exploit the odds for a profit.

    Think of it like this… When you deal in stocks and funds who do you see? A stock broker. When you deal with a mortgage who do you deal with? A mortgage broker.

    You go to these people because you trust them…

    They’re trained… they’re experts!

    You seek the expert opinion of professionals for important financial matters, right? Why treat sports any different? If you’re going to risk your hard earned money on the Soccer or other sports, then get professional advice from a sports handicapper!!! and get the right bookies for a good odds.

    Mistake #4. All the wrong reasons

    No doubt, watching a game on television brings you much closer to the action. I admit it can be fun, exciting and thrilling to watch. But putting your hard earned money on the line just because a game’s on television is a bad idea – you’re betting for the wrong reasons! Do yourself and your bankroll a favor. Focus on match-ups and the right bookies that only offer odds worth betting… keep recreational bets – just that…. recreational!

    Mistake #5. Betting on “your” team

    For many, it’s a guilty pleasure to bet your favorite team or your home team! Never… Never… NEVER… put your hard earned money down without odds worth betting. If you find yourself doing this often then chalk it up – admit it. You’re a recreational bettor and you deserve the best odds from the right bookies in the industry.

    Mistake #6. Bankroll management

    Bankroll management never sounds sexy. Typically, the topic of bankroll management is a reality check. But at the end of the day the difference between long term success and short term success is bankroll management. You see, “7″ and I only advise our clients to risk 1-5% of your bankroll per bet. As your bankroll grows so does the amount per bet. So stick to these points and get yourself ready for the success challenge.

    Ok, that’s enough for now…

    You can join the bookie that i personally use so you get the right odds.

    see you later....

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    great article, thanks

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