Although Arb trading involves the sporting industry, it is not gambling. An arbitrage opportunity in sports betting means that one is able to bet on all possible outcomes of a certain match at odds that guarantee profit regardless of who wins that match. Arbitrages are also known as surebets or surewins. This is not gambling its just a market phenomenon based on pure mathematics and occurs when bookmakers have different opinions on the result of a certain game or event. 6%/week in the newGNI relates to 24%/mo which can be considered very upper end.

The newGNI website is first class. Everything you need in a backoffice and tracking tools is there, purchase history, referrals, withdrawal button, it's all there. They have done an excellent job of putting this together. You have to "fund your ewallet" first from one of the three processors, and then you have to go in and click on "make new purchase" to get that money working for you. There are no processor fees involved to get money into this. If you spend $50 STP you end up with $50 working for you. When you get paid out either daily or weekly if you choose the 6% weekly program, your earnings are put into your ewallet. From there you can either click on "make a new purchase" and add to your principal, in essence compounding, or transfer your earnings to STP, LR, or PM for you to cashout. There is no compounding per se except to buy more units when you get paid out back to your ewallet.

Program highlights

Interest: 1% daily (5 week days) or 6% weekly (do yourself a favor and put in $50 instead of $20 and gain the extra percent a week)
Duration: Indefinite, but principal can be withdrawn after 180 weekdays. This is not a "your principal disappears at the end of 180 days deal" - Your principal is good for as long as you leave it in there.
Payment Processors: Liberty Reserve, Perfect Money, SolidTrustPay
SolidTrust Pay allows you to fund your account direct from your bank account without using the service of an exchanger and is offering a debit card where you can transfer your STP funds onto and withdraw it at ATMs worldwide. Minimum investment: $20 for the 1% daily program ($50 if you want the 6%/week instead of 5%/week). Referral commission: 5% on initial purchase and since there is no compounding, you have to take earnings that are placed in your ewallet, respend them to buy more units and when you do your referrer gets a 5% commission on that respend amount also.
Script: ShadowScript, the most secure script available
Hosting: Best DDoS protection on dedicated server with Dragonara.
Withdrawals processed within 24 hours from Monday until Friday only.

On the occasion of accepting STP New GNI are offering the following bonuses for a limited time, if you deposit with STP:
$10 bonus for deposits of $100 or more
$20 bonus for deposits of $200 or more
$50 bonus for deposits of $500 or more
They have limited the bonus giveaways to the first hundred depositors only - there are still some up for grabs. Please note: One bonus per member only and bonuses will be credited to your E-Wallet. In order to claim your bonus please contact them via Support Ticket from your members area, with the phrase 'STP Bonus' in the subject and your transactions details in the body and allow us up to 48 hours to credit your account.

To join click on the link below