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    Default Private Sports Banker Pro Group is Finally Accepting New members


    Several of my former trading friends have been involved in the private Sports Banker Pro
    group for over two years.

    Basically high level Wall Street types that on the side created systems using financial strategies to trade and profit in sports and casino gaming. Their systems change and adapt over time but returns using their methods are stellar. Problem has been that they were extremely tight taking on about 20 new members a year since 2006. The just opened a member only site and have 100 spots open for the first time ever.
    Phenomenal resource site with systems for Tennis, football, baseball and soccer. Monthly profits are better than FOREX, options, etc.

    Register for free and then become a full member when you pay monthly dues.


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    I remember those ole boy exclusive clubs. Attire consisted of an Oxford Dons tie, a stove pipe hat, a plentyful supply of cigars and a copy of the current Times tucked under the arm. A crusty old Etonian, who also acted as the treasurer, mixed drinks in tall glasses and roved the inner rooms looking for etiquet infringements from overly excited members.
    Could you or I get a foot in the door? Maybe to wax the front step, but never in a million would welcome arms haul you inside for a tiple and a good chew on an expensive cigar.
    So when you see a similar exclusive club suddenly throw open its doors with an invite to come on in, you have to wonder to yourself, "Oh Lordy" has the plague dessimated the inner company of stout hearts and comaradioso, has the treasurer skipped his sworn duty and flown the coup with the current barmaid, or what skullduggery is afoot to lure unsuspecting souls into such plush and unfamiliar surroundings.
    Has to be a catch somewhere. If such a club is so successful and so exclusive, why tout for new members? Unless, of course, they are telling fibs and the new membership fees are to keep the wine cellar stocked and the decore trimmed in the latest fashions.
    Go with what you feel safe with. If sports trading is your thing then learn as much as possible about it and burn your own path to riches. Books and systems abound in this arena, but if you had your own proven winning method, would you offer it for sale on the open market to make a few extra bucks?
    Not on your nelly mate.
    Good fortune.

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