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  1. RC 10 Years online
  2. Spam Cleaning
  3. Posting issue resolved
  4. Happy New Year Dear Members
  5. Posting Error On RC
  6. Moderators needed.
  7. Movie section Temp. Closed.
  8. To Advertisers.Our LR hacked.
  9. Welcome Back on Faster Site, New Servers!
  10. Rolclub Server upgrade
  11. Earn money on Rolclub
  12. Rolclub Software upgrade
  13. New Design Soon
  14. Spam Removal. Please post links here.
  15. Currency Forums open for viewing.
  16. Rolclub looking for Staff.
  17. Happy New Year
  18. Rc will be down 24-48h.
  19. ROLCLub E-currency Escrow Service Xchange
  20. New Landmark is 40.000
  21. Rc's apology for server downtime.
  22. HardDrive Failure- Down time.
  23. Rc back,but under maintainance
  24. Change of server 27th June
  25. Registration Problem (Worked on)
  26. Urgent Server Change on RC.
  27. 7th June !Soft Change! - Site will be down for 2h.
  28. ***important Note***
  29. Seasonal DDOS attacks!
  30. RC design work. Site may be down abit.
  31. User Browsing Thread activated...
  32. Ddos attack on Rolclub.
  33. Newsletter advertising on Rolclub Money Making Forum
  34. Phishing Attack! All Must Read!
  35. RC-Hall Of Fame Virtual Community
  36. Rolclub 35000 Membership!
  37. Looking for moderators.
  38. Rolclub again open after server shift!
  39. Mega Sever Upgrade.(Site will be down 24h)
  40. News update will be sent out soon!
  41. RC - 1 of 12k best sites !
  42. RC's Rate Us Buttons
  43. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year To All.
  44. Who's Online. Browsing thread = Taken down!
  45. Newsletters in a link to Rolclub from now!
  46. Rolclub Special Advertising Promotion.
  47. Server Error Fixed!
  48. Rolclub-30.000-Members
  49. Spaming Cchost.info Shutdown!
  50. Fbi To Help Rolclub TO Stop The Spammer!
  51. I cant believe this! Pay attention guys!
  52. NOTE! Hotmail users, read this asap!
  53. Power Breaker Maintenance - 13October
  54. Server down a few hours..
  55. We have a DDOS Attack
  56. More GFF Spam!
  57. Loginn to see threads!
  58. File chargest against Gff and Michael S.
  59. Moving to Better servers! 24-48h Downtime.
  60. ServerWork-30min downtime!
  61. Great Income with Rolclub!
  62. Authentic & genuine Emails from ROLClub are always posted in here as a copy from now on!
  63. Pm's back up
  64. My Money Making BLOG
  65. Pm's taken down!
  66. RC's New looks!
  67. Fake Email Alert To Rolclub members!
  68. RC Open Again.Get Registered NOW!
  69. Login To See Forum! Only Registered Members Will see the site!
  70. Pm's Back Online
  71. PM's Taken down.
  72. Moving To Faster Servers!
  73. Business Section Added to The Forum
  74. Soon 25000 Members
  75. $0.05-$0.10 Per Threadpost
  76. Rolclub 2 Year Online today
  77. RcHyipGame 2 start!
  78. Maintenance Note! 14/06/07
  79. RC Starting 2nd Forum
  80. RC Passed 24k in Membership
  81. WIN $1000 For Finding an image!
  82. Thank you = Problems.
  83. Rc Down for Software upgrade!
  84. ROLCLUB's HYIPGAME - Start 10 April
  85. Medical drug posters = Instant Ban!
  86. RC down for 24h due to software upgardes.
  87. shout taken down for short time
  88. Rc'll be down 1h.
  89. Rolclub Banners-Please help us advertise.
  90. 2nd DDos attack today 27-Jan on RC
  91. A Request to all Members and Mods!
  92. Check Rc's MOVIEZ FORUM!
  93. Referral & posting contest. Win Dinars!
  94. PM's open
  95. Rc Under Attack!ddos. Spoof Emails
  96. Non Stop Attacks On Rolclub!
  97. Welcome Back - Slow Server!
  98. 2nd day with huge Ddos attack. Protection installed
  99. Rolclub down 10min- Work beeing done
  100. ROLCLUB under Ddos attack!
  101. New forums Added to Rolclub.
  102. Closed programs threads moved to Archive
  103. Rolclub forum changes in progress
  104. Happy New Year From Us at ROLCLUB
  105. Rolclub will be down due to updates.
  106. Xmas Greetings from Us at RolClub!
  107. Rolclub's 20.000 member milestone
  108. Our server undergoing hardening process
  109. Note for Advertisers!
  110. Rolclub's Own Real Investment Program (TRC)
  111. Shoutbox and Pm's disabled for shot time.
  112. Pm's activated again!
  113. PM's disabled for 24h.
  114. Rolclub Forum Back Online.26th sept 06
  115. Iraqi Dinar Forum Moved to top
  116. PM's disabled for 24h.
  117. Rolclub Server change again.
  118. Server Change Done
  119. Server Change Today!
  120. Rolclub Online 1 Year.
  121. Shoutbox back soon!
  122. Added Chat/Shoutbox to Rolclub.
  123. Someone hacking Members Usernames!
  124. More Ways To Make Money With Rolclub Now.
  125. $10 in help from RC to its members!
  126. Real Investment program forum,addition to RC next week.
  127. Sever down 2h today due to higher traffic.
  128. Rules / Tos
  129. Forum will again be visible to members only!
  130. Server is back up!
  131. Make Money Refering Advertisers to Rolclub. See how.!
  132. Rolclub looking for partners for network sites.
  133. Halotto Link Here!
  134. Halotto forum again activated on Rolclub.
  135. Rolclub was down coz of Ddos attack today
  136. Forum Software error, will have to take down Rolclub again later.
  137. Due to PM spam, it will be down til....
  138. halotto forum will start when Lotto starts.
  139. I will not be present til 10 feb because of an exam
  140. Due to Dns Change from Our registrar.!
  141. Need moderators for the forum
  142. Server not stable
  143. PIPS Language forum Taken down for cleaning.
  144. Urgent.Someone spamming withTELL A FRIEND
  145. Rolclub.com future.
  146. Rolclub hitting another milestone with 10000 Members.
  147. Signature disabled! No links, urls on boards!
  148. Smilies added and language section made smaller
  149. Advertising setup completed on Rolclub
  150. This is it.The Most important time in history of pips!
  151. We need moderators
  152. If you cant see the website when you login!
  153. A chat room is now added for our members :-)
  154. To see the main site you will have to register and login
  156. Moving to dedicated servers tonight after 11PM EST
  157. Moving to dedicated servers tonight after 11PM EST
  159. Rolclub might be down. We need dedicated servers.
  160. Forum server shift & PM-Function down for 1 week.
  161. Some down time on our server today
  162. Registration taken down for a short time because of updates.
  163. Do not copy paste any info from pipsinc to our site please.
  164. Over 175 Pipsters joined epicpay in first 24 H.
  165. News from Epicpay