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  1. Zumo brings its cryptocurrency wallet to the platinum crypto academy
  2. Fight Against Poverty: Join Our Project, Let's Make A Change
  3. Icon world tokens
  4. Join the largest DeFi ICO in 2021
  5. Moments Global – Aim for changing the dynamics of Blockchain Technology
  6. Enjoy Low-Cost Coverage With Stag Finance
  7. EASY Money -No Limit-with 18digits- LEGIT+ Instant Payout + Proof.
  8. BrandPlus - New Era Begins for Brands
  9. Crypex token : Stake crypex to earn bnb
  10. 0.02 BTC Giveaway-- Win 2,000,000 satoshis in a giveaway! [LEGIT]
  11. PiggyToken a Planet for parents and children , for traders and gamers
  12. CaliCoin – The favourite Cryptocurrency of the Animal Kingdom
  13. XRT Foundation is establishing a platform which will be accessible all over the
  14. BitBlocks Finance a yield farming platform
  15. Bitcoin mining
  16. Saint Gains: RESURRECTION- / 100% liquidity locked on DxLock
  17. Gate.io Exchange Review 2021 | Is it Safe & Legit?
  18. DCTDAO X Trustswap Marketing & Incubation Partnership
  19. Collectible: Asset based NFT Platform. Token presale on May 5th.
  20. CaliCoin – Helping the Most Vulnerable on the Planet
  21. New cryptocurrency called Lincoln Coin
  22. Australian cryptocurrency exchange
  23. Tronpin: An open community financial system built on tron chain
  24. FEAST.Finance: FEASTable Yield Farming
  25. Revolutionizing Penny & NFTs auctions on the binance smart chain!
  26. An innovative community aimed at the prospect of bringing stability transparency
  27. Solarys.finance the new charity token
  28. Introducing Chainbinders: A Next Generation NFT Gacha Experience [EN]
  29. Earn 0.05$ in BTC per minute with just keyword search!
  30. MoonDao: 3% of every transaction is locked as liquidity in the Pancakeswap
  31. 9,000 USDT in Prizes (BitMart Event)
  32. Afripay - Uniting Africa using Blockchain!
  33. Join The PYE Nation Today and Become Part of the Movement
  34. HashCat.farm - Decentralized Mining Farm
  35. High yields BSC farm brought by the Snakes / The best farms in DeFi
  36. CryptoSwap Finance - Crypto Exchange with DeFi
  37. USDX888: Transfer money and confirm transaction automatically
  38. How To Stay Abreast Of The Crypto Market
  39. Reimagining social media through the power of the blockchain
  40. DeFi Merchant Payment Protocol with consumer protection for Web 3.0
  41. Buy The Dogelanding NFT from Rarible
  42. Hadron: The decentralized deep learning platform for next-generation AiApps
  43. AI Marketing-- $50 Bonus-- Make money on 100% autopilot & Passively+Payout Proof
  44. FREE Racoon Coins-Already on exchange.
  45. Hodlers Network: The first Blockchain base Social network identify crypto users
  46. A community driven and fairly launched token on the Binance Smart Chain
  47. Sensible Finance | Making Finance Logical
  48. Build wealth with bitcoin; earn passive income up to 2% per day!!
  49. NFT Global Registry: The Global Association Dedicated to the Education
  50. RAVECOIN: A recurring altcoin analogy is to think of litecoin as silver to bitco
  51. Juncacash crypto and fintech services to enable payment and exchanges
  52. GAPT: DeFI Charitable Crypto Token
  53. as.exchange Tranched Value Securities Specifications Overview
  54. Why PNP COIN Can Do What No Other Cryptocurrency Can Do
  55. 88lotto: A lottery token based on the Binance Smart Chain
  56. Crypto Gaming Alliance begins CGA Coin’s free sale.
  57. CGA presents CGA Coin Mining System through free game plays.
  58. CGA shares the game platform profit with the game developer and coin holder.
  59. Crypto Gaming Alliance Starts CGA Coin’s PRE-SALE.
  60. Bostte - Distributed Energy Trading Platform
  61. CatJAM: A deflationary cryptocurrency, community driven DeFi Token
  62. xHumanity Announces Listing At BiKi Exchange On 19th April 2021
  63. ZipToken A blockchain technology to host user shared files ANONYMOUSLY
  64. Hedging has been made easy with ProSwap
  65. "Mona Lisa Landscape Nft" Place A Bid on Opensea
  66. Car Coin(CCM) IEO launch announced by Car Coin Market
  67. Smart MFG Launching 3D & Industrial Design Collectibles NFT Creation Platform
  68. SafeCovid, Mini-Games and NFTs Platform
  69. Zoomer Community: Yield + Liquidity Protocol for Zoomers and Boomers alike
  70. SafePhoenix: A DeFi token built on the principles of fairness, safety and growth
  71. IP Royal(LEGIT)-- True Passive Income(BTC/PP)-No ads -No tasks.
  72. Introducing ENEDEX: The Future of Energy Trading
  73. SafeZone Token Platform Built With Binance Smart Chain #BSC
  74. Zoomer – Get rewards without farming or staking
  75. Crypto Gaming Alliance Starts CGA Coin’s PRE-SALE
  76. CGA shares the game platform profit with the game developer and coin holder
  77. CGA presents CGA Coin Mining System through free game plays.
  78. Crypto Gaming Alliance begins CGA Coin’s free sale.
  79. DonoToken.com - The Decentralized Donation Token
  80. WeatherBalloon: a SafeMoon fork, designed to be the native currency
  81. Merchant Token: Join the largest DeFi ICO in 2021
  82. Jupter Wallet
  83. Mooni DeFi: Binance Smart Chain | NFT Mint + NFT Marketplace
  84. HornyFarm: The most NSFW farm on the BSC
  85. TITAN PROTOCOL: An experimental Cryptocurrency backed by the BEP-20 Blockchain
  86. WeAreGrooot | BSC Token that grows trees!
  87. A Bigfoot Sized Yield Farming Exchange on the Binance Smart Chain: Yeti Exchange
  88. Edufex: Advanced E-learning Management System
  89. G9 Summit – Crypto currency convention
  90. Cryptocurrency with the purpose of planting trees all over EARTH
  91. $WON The 1st Smart Contract with a lottery
  92. BNB Returns: Earnings every moment, withdraw instantly any time
  93. Crypto Pump Signals for Binance – Telegram chanel for quick profit
  94. Dogecoin Cloud Mining - What Is It?
  95. Dogecoin Cloud Mining: First dogecoin cloud mining with no minimum to withdraw
  96. Crypto to the SUN: Autonomous yield and liquidity generation protocol
  97. Earn a passive income with 5% of all transfer fees split between all holders
  98. Meet D4D.com: The Newest DeFi Exchange in Town
  99. D4d: The High Potential New DeFi Exchange for Swapping and Liquidity Providers
  100. Top1Swap the new center of the defi, Presale Live!!
  101. Un-Ruggable Liquidity Locked Meme Charity Token
  102. Moonsafe: A passive income and increase the liquidity through RFI and LIQ
  103. MONGOOSE FINANCE: Un-Ruggable Locked Liquidity Fixed Supply Charity Token
  104. The AvocadoPunks: 3,333 unique collectible ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)
  105. MoonDAO - Hyper-deflationary reflect and automatic liquidity protocol
  106. Ozone Finance IDO is Live On SaltSwap Now !
  107. The first quantum-proof, multi-chain DEX built on Polkadot, Moonbeam, BNC & more
  108. EVDC: Decentralize Electric Vehicle Direct Current Token
  109. Mooner - Frictionless yield & liquidity generation token
  110. First social crypto i-gaming platform
  111. SATA - Signata and the Identity Guard & Anonymity Framework
  112. CaliCoin: The First Cryptocurrency Devoted to Helping Animals
  113. CryptoSwap Finance - Crypto Exchange with DeFi
  114. IQ Faucet-Up to 100 satoshi /5 min- No Minimum-No SL-Instant to FP.
  115. FightClubToken: Evolve together, rise together
  116. Demoon (demoon) a self-burning deflationary cryptocurrency
  117. The best cryptocurrency, ICO , Blockchain - PNP Coin
  118. The Mello Token: A cryptocurrency built on Binance Smart Chain
  119. Welcome to the Wolf Pack ($WOLF)
  120. MoonTrust: A community driven DeFi Token built on BSC (binance)
  121. Echelon DAO - crypto gem
  122. A unique concept of collectible NFT Waifus and paintings crypto themed
  123. Introducing BIGFOOT FINANCE
  124. $NARUTO2 Nexus — A Buyer’s Guide
  125. WitLink Storm Pass The Soft Cap Target During The On-Going Pre-Sale!
  126. Dogira: A deflationary asset, the king of coins
  127. Soku Swap Exchange is Launching, with an ICO in the Coming Days.
  128. Deep Dive : CDOs in DeFi Space
  129. My Second Payout ($3.42 worth BNB) from BNB-Valve -The Fastest Faucet
  130. Panther deflationary autostaking token
  131. Mello Token
  132. MoonDAO - RFI + LIQ Redesigned
  133. Dogecointube: what Is Dogecoin?
  134. Bor Protocol: Decentralized Yield Robo Advisor on Polkadot
  135. BNB-Valve.io--- Free BNB Every Minute!(1BNB=$276.08 )--Low min.
  136. Crypto Gaming Alliance begins CGA Coin’s free sale.
  137. CGA presents CGA Coin Mining System through free game plays.
  138. CGA shares the game platform profit with the game developer and coin holder
  139. Crypto Gaming Alliance Starts CGA Coin’s PRE-SALE
  140. Earn BitCoin with our cloud mining services, best performance since 2018
  141. Trading tournament 2021 : 1000 usd deposit bonus
  142. Crypto Currency – Low-Risk Investment with BEX Trade
  143. The World Of Botanica NFT Incubator 1.0 & New Airdrops.
  144. Preparing an ecosystem for trading world major currencies using our token
  145. Student Coin: Join the biggest ICO of 2021!
  146. Diamond token: Rare gems and very expensive you have a chance to own one
  147. NFT: Perseverance (Mars Landing Art Piece) Original Music place a bid on Rarible
  148. NTF: Pale Blue Dot (As Read By Elon Musk) Place a bid on Rarible
  149. A secure, distributed platform built for enterprise applications and services
  150. Hillstone Defi, which will be listed in Binance soon!
  151. Inteliy A breakthrough building a new internet and payment system
  152. ART / NFT: Satoshi Nakamoto, the Creator of Bitcoin place a bid now
  153. G9tro Crowdfunding Platform Currently Trading At 1 G9TRO to $ 2.06
  154. Do you want to be an ESR “whale” before launch?
  155. Mello has launched on bsc
  156. Circuits of Value: Emblem Vault, Entire wallets inside a tradable token
  157. Micro crypto that i like .... that gives you opportunity to make millions
  158. [Presale][airdrop] Elegant rapidly adapting presence based on Ethereum technolog
  159. Experience the true powers of Decentralised Finance with Capital.Finance
  160. Bitcoinopen.io---FREE 25 BTC-O with Sign up.DO Not Miss.High Potential Coin.
  161. CETO (Crystal Elephant Token)
  162. Etherdieum, A Blockchain — Driven Platform
  163. Lanceria: First time freelancers blockchain platforms on binance smart chain
  164. Thinkium-FREE 400 TKM Coins-Already Traded(Do not Miss-Potentially worth $1000!)
  165. The Future of Decentralized Finance is here!
  166. DeroGold: An innovative privacy coin focused on helping save the planet
  167. Thinkium-FREE 400 TKM tokens Already Traded--(Don't Miss-HIGH Potential coin)
  168. The Qintar DeFi: Next Generation of Islamic Finance
  169. Announcing Neblio Services & Consulting
  170. Join for exclusive first rights to fine art
  171. WOTA helps you grow your Ethereum
  172. A Complete Beginner’s Guide to Meduse.io
  173. Buy a Car with Cryptocurrency
  174. Reese Finance: The Next Generation of Yield Farm on Binance Smart Chain.
  175. MFG; Now available on linkswap for LP rewards
  176. Big.Byte.Block(BBB coin)-FREE $5 &Auto Earnings with Node!(Legit Passive Income)
  177. OuroSwap: Swap your tokens with confidence.
  178. The Crypto News Wire: Latest crypto news, information and updates
  179. My Payouts from Arbispace-Very High Paying!
  180. NFT giveaway! The Color BLUE on Sun 3/21. For a chance to win
  181. Virtual Phone Number in Binance Smart Chain
  182. Grand Audiocoin Airdrop on Txbit! 2 Million ADC Airdrop worth $1000
  183. MFG Powers the Supply Chain to Mars with NFT Tokenized Rocket Parts
  184. My Payouts from Arbispace-Very High Paying!
  185. WSB (WallStreetBets) Earn free tokens by joining discord
  186. Forward finance ⏩ info
  187. ESR DApp to launch on High Performance Blockchain (HPB) very soon
  188. Cheaper and faster than Uniswap? Discover SaltSwap Binance Smart Chain
  189. Best Forex HFT Robot 2021: Real Accounts Profit | Investor Password Access
  190. Bitcoin Lottery - Play in Weekly and Monthly Lotteries Online | Win Big
  191. DCTDAO – a Project for Quantum Proof Cross-Chain Interoperability
  192. MatchPS: Earning our own MPS crypto-tokens through the Ethereum blockchain.
  193. Auto protocol for ERC-20 tokens swap with DeFi features like Farming and Staking
  194. ADD.XYZ is the former PlutusDefi -- all-in-one DeFi aggregator
  195. Roku Network: A Decentralized Music and Community ecosystem built on the #BSC
  196. Esillium: Your safest social media crypto flexible, secure and easy to use
  197. YOLOToken – Just another stupid crypto
  198. Go9Tro Wireless Worlds First Cryptocurrency Wireless Service Provider Token
  199. Bitcoin E-Currency (BTCE), When Technology Meets Crypto @ btc-e.eu
  200. Binance $10,000 GIVEAWAY (To celebrate hitting 2M followers on Twitter)
  202. Altrady best crypto trading platform helps you trade on multiple exchanges!
  203. Jet-Bot for Binance: the best crypto copy trading platform to earn money online
  204. Pcity world first decentralized finance with blockchain infrastructure
  205. Farming and Get more reward with pyschic NFT card in predict market !
  206. $PCY How to participate in the tokensale
  207. $SAFEMOON - did you miss FEG? This might be your second chance!
  208. Bitgesell: An another crypto like bitcoin Halvening Transaction burn rate of 90%
  209. How DGCBOND Revolutionizes The Financial Ecosystem
  210. Start Mining Bitcoin at bitminer.eu with your Device GPU
  211. g9tro Crowdfunding : live price in US dollar, statistics, market cap supply
  212. ZiLCoin: The first blockchain technology offer Zero Interest Loan opportunities
  213. Finance your Projects & Assets the alternative way using the Blockchain
  214. Short term investment – Should you invest in Crypto?
  215. How Andrew Schneider And Blockchain.com Are Stealing Bitcoins
  216. Doublejack: The World’s First iGaming Fintech ICO
  217. SatoshiHero & Monster--New! Spin the Wheel-Up to 250k sat.No Time Limit-No Captcha! LEGIT &PROOFS.
  218. 75% Strong Holder Offering (SHO) BSC-NRC20-ERC20 FarSwap
  219. Bitpax Exchange-NO KYC FREE $50 worth tokens just for Signup-No Tasks.
  220. Sting Defi NFT Gaming Project just hold in your wallet and get 100% to 1000%
  221. Poliswap: Introducing the multi-pool protocol. Up to 5 pools using the same ETH
  222. BSC GAMES: Binance Smart Chain Decentralized Game Platform
  223. The best investment site CRYPTOWARE.BIZ
  224. The Super Hero yield farming community on the Binance Smart Chain
  225. Rarible - create and sell digital collectibles secured with blockchain
  226. This NFT is going to the moon
  227. Dogecoin Cash: Combines the benefits of DeFi with the meme power of Dogecoin
  228. Make Money While Playing Minecraft
  229. Top 5 cryptocurrency exchanges 2021
  230. Brace yourselves to be blown away!
  231. Lotus Finance – Secure DeFi on the Binance Smart Chain
  232. How would you like to pay? All the ways to buy crypto with Ramp!
  233. Polygon: paving the way for Ethereum scaling
  234. What is crypto ramp/on-ramp?
  235. Ramp for individual users
  236. Profit is the only option
  237. Hemp Finance – Hemp Finance Cannabis 2.0 Powered by DeFi
  238. [ANN][IDO] Boopsy: a token that rewards holders of BOOP with more BOOP
  239. Bitcoin Gold – An Altcoin with huge potential for massive 10,000x returns
  240. New! FREE 0.002$ Each Claim + Auto +Dice,PTC,Short links, Lottery,Offers+More
  241. Traders in UK Skyrocket Bitcoin Profit's with Innovative Apps
  242. Bitcoin Gold (BTG) - 10-100x in the next few days
  243. Cryptocurrency – Strategies for long term investment
  244. Neulaut - A supply chain platform built on blockchain technology.
  245. Wheel of Fortune-Daily FREE SPIN--Win up to 15k $-BTC & Many ways!
  246. A guide to crypto copy trading
  247. Moveo - Changing the advertising industry through innovative reward advertising
  248. Grow Your Ethereum Coins With WOTA
  249. WaterDrop – An Ultimate Decentralized Token Platform
  250. Chainge finance airdrop- ---Get 200 CHNG (200$) [Another SFP!DON'T Miss on this]