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  1. Is 50 Cent really gangster? Did he kill people?
  2. A live grenade appears in your lap right now, what would you do?
  3. Bệnh Viện Hữu Nghị Lạc Việt mở lớp học tiền sản
  4. What would happen if I touched uranium?
  5. telesale PTI
  6. can h? airport tower view sân bay tân son nh?t chu?n b? m? bán
  7. finally-im still not getting help from rc
  8. A fresh look!!!
  9. A must read for us all.....
  10. wanna dance, eh?
  11. No Real Contacts
  12. Just realized a few posters are missing..............
  13. Interesting Info re. Brian from Talkgold
  14. I Have Never Registered
  15. Why ?
  16. I want to help PIPS in anyway...
  17. Anyone seen this ??
  18. Talkgold site down
  19. TalkGold losing it?? It's a Banning Bonanza over there
  20. Just an Observation
  21. Lets we all keep posting at TG and push the rolls' to page 2
  22. To Brian TG
  23. Am I safe to Post here?
  24. Thae Troll's Attack
  25. The Head Troll himself
  26. Did everyone get bored
  27. Anyone Seen Dirty_Bird lately?
  28. a trolls level
  29. withdrawal time frame
  31. TG Rocks!!!
  32. Trolls Suck
  33. Are people insane?
  34. Brian
  35. I Found This Hilarious
  36. TG children and their idiocy u can laugh
  37. PIPS Website
  39. From Brian TG
  40. no freedom of speech here
  41. Would you be willing to take action against pips enemies
  42. Owen Platt of TG
  43. TG Game Of Word
  44. Until TalkGold Cleans up Its Act.
  45. Over 90 % of advertisment of hyips turns out to be a fraud
  46. TG domain bought by fraud CC?
  47. Talkgold team are steeling exchangers money
  48. Wanna sue Tg and all their dogs!
  49. Freedom of speech
  50. TG Site Down: Dogman arrested?