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  4. Rv alert/intelligence
  5. Blogtalk Radio News about RV
  6. Iraqi dinar RV
  7. Central Bank: the new currency will be printed in three languages ​​by the Constitution
  8. Central Bank begins to re-structuring of the local currency
  9. Iraq to remove three zeros from the dinar
  10. Central Iraq: Do not fear the dinar
  11. Central Bank: the process of removing the zeros facing the reactions of the strong points of
  12. "Central" is preparing to replace the Iraqi currency after the cancellation of three zeros from
  13. Is The Iraqi Dinar Worthless Paper Or Maker Of Millionaires?
  14. Expert: the return of the coin guide to control inflation
  15. Officials are turning their homes into shops for the banking pending delete zeros dinar
  16. Money laundering Iraqi and Iranian in Kuwait
  17. Iraqs Central Bank Considers New Currency
  18. CBI decides to develop coins in his plan to restructure the currency
  19. Finance Ministry warns of the emergence of cases of corruption when you change currency
  20. New Dinars for Old
  21. Reports of New Fake Dinars in Circulation
  22. CBI decides to restructure the Iraqi currency
  23. Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Enthusiasts are Unaware of Bernie Madoffs Fame
  24. Global Settlements
  25. Senior Economist: Change the currency will not change the value of purchasing
  26. Has Warka Bank Collapsed?
  27. " version dinar Kurdish soon ... "
  28. Academy: Delete the three zeros will raise the value of the national currency & revives the economy
  29. CBI confirms willingness to delete zeros from currency after formation of the government directly
  30. Language on currency, another attempt to disrupt the country's economy at the current stage
  31. Advisor Central Bank: the new currency Sttsamn the Kurdish language and national symbols
  32. AC/ Iraq Central Bank Reveals New Iraq Currency
  33. big new rumor we have an RI on Monday June 21,2010
  34. Need a good Rumor or prediction now.
  35. Those worrying three Zeros!
  36. Three zeroes on Iraqi currency won't be removed: source
  37. Same questions about a Dinar RV - fact or fiction?
  39. Omitting zeros currency strategic project CBI
  40. Transparency of the Central Bank of Iraq
  41. CNN News said on Friday march12,2010
  42. Deputy Governor of Central Bank denies the existence of a formal decision to delete the zeros
  43. 'Our aim is to establish a forward market in Iraqi dinars in the near future,' say finance official
  44. Economists criticize the decision to lift the zeroes from the currency
  45. Gins
  46. Central Bank project to delete the three zeroes from the dinar: The targets & risk
  47. Central bank denies Iraqi dinar exchange rate to make dollar worth a thousand dinars in June
  48. Future for dinars
  49. Central Bank recovered $ 10 billion, & implement a plan to equalize Iraqi dinar in U.S. dollars
  50. Sinan Al-Shabibi: current exchange rate appropriately & we have ability to defend him
  51. Its March1st 2010 where's the Reval
  52. Iraqi dinar speculation: a phenomenon .. Send more than one message
  53. Senior Economist Invites World Bank took its time in Central project to raise zeros from Iraqi dina
  54. Nouri Al-Maliki: Iraqi dinar re-evaluation has to do with economic conditions
  55. Central no longer delete zeros currency policy of "progressive" an adviser to Maliki sees "in vain"
  56. Some investors exchanging U.S. dollars for Iraqi Dinar
  57. Monetary policy to delete the zeros of the Iraqi currency
  58. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
  59. Does Any One Know when the Dinar will Finally Change
  60. Election Law Passed
  61. Iraqi Government launches You Tube Website.
  62. The Iraqi Dinar Scam - Part One
  63. Heres a new rumor for all of you
  64. Bullish on Dinar - watch these videos
  65. Where's the RUMOR'S
  66. FedEx suspend Iraq services
  67. Email i received today
  68. yet another new Question for Seaview
  69. A new question for Seaview
  70. A Question for Seaview!!
  71. Any New News about The Iraq Dinar Re-Value or Pegging
  72. So theres been no news or rumors in weeks !!
  73. I'm calling for a boycott
  74. So whats the latest rumor, Fact LOL or fiction
  75. banks not selling the dollar?
  76. Hello Seaview a question please
  77. Beat you to it on this one Reitman
  78. Meeting With Talibani?
  79. Paranoia Will Destroy Ya!
  80. GenX says Dump LOL
  81. April 2nd? LOL!
  82. April 3rd is now the date?
  83. March 31st?
  84. Fear of Failure delaying RV?
  85. We've Heard This Before
  86. 100% By Sunday LOL
  87. 48 Hours?
  88. 367 Last Week?
  89. RV or Apology
  90. Freaky Tuesday
  91. Keep an Eye Out
  92. Less is More?
  93. Here's a new one from elsewhere.
  94. A Question for Seaview!!
  95. Monday Becomes Wednesday
  96. Monday RV Rumor
  97. smart card
  98. Drying Up Iraqi Dinar Theory Valid?
  99. Charge for exchange
  100. a little help, please
  101. Electronic Trading in the ISX
  102. GW Bush says... But can it really be done?
  103. Iraq Latest News
  104. Chase Bank to stop buying and Selling Iraqi Dinar
  105. Its almost years end, where's the reval?
  106. Beware of false information circulating
  107. We are getting very close !
  108. Truth be told
  109. Let's Believe
  110. Interesting Video on Iraq why U.S. Wanted Saddam Out
  111. When? WHEN ??? Facts Only
  112. dinar/ne no sp la ce . c o m ???Dont ban me
  113. Rumor Section Rules.
  114. when the cbi rate hits 1200 what does that mean to us
  115. heres a new rumor, dont know if its true or not but what if it is??
  116. HCL Has it passed or not? what have you heard
  117. April 8th, Bush to give speech In or on Iraq
  118. Dinar is up today
  119. when will Iraq's progress bring about an RV
  120. Join The Best Investment Firm Online Now For $100
  121. Talk About Inflation?
  122. So guys and gals whats new juicy in the world of the Dinar!!
  123. Are we at risk even after REV?
  124. US Coin withdrawal to coincide with Iraqi
  125. In Light of New Article.....
  126. I heard a rumor that It was suppose revalue around Christmas Time
  127. "w00t" crowned word of year by U.S. dictionary
  128. dinars
  129. Do Not Believe The News!! - from Baghdaddy
  130. Folks why are you talking about......
  131. Our Lower Denoms!?!?
  132. 2008 Iraq Economic Year..RV first?
  133. Interesting
  134. Is This How it will Reval??
  135. What do we all think?
  136. I've got friends who bought some Iraqi dinars
  137. Mirandas Dinar Views
  138. General Iraq Comments
  139. Question About the 28th of October
  140. Could someone explain to me.....?
  141. wheres the rumors or predictions
  142. UAE and some others gulf countries to reval
  143. UEA and some gulfers to REVAL their currency.
  144. Chinese Fortune
  145. Parliments return ?????
  146. Malicki or NO Malicki
  147. Iraq's leaders agree on key U.S. benchmarks
  148. Boom to Bust?
  149. Larry Nichols a woo-woo?
  150. Interesting History On Federal Reserve.
  151. My Boots ...
  152. Iraq: Signs of a New Horizon
  153. First Hedge Fund Launches in Iraq
  154. The New iRack from Apple...
  155. $10
  156. The Lop...... ITS OVER
  157. Banned from....
  158. Warning from mystery person...
  159. $ 7 Dinar?
  160. That latest rumor of oil independence.
  161. No auctions until Sunday?
  162. Please Check Sports Betting Forum
  163. News with no link required
  164. Unbelievable info....
  165. eBay auctions are rocking again.
  166. Help!!
  167. My Prediction.
  168. New name for "Slow Grow"???
  169. Turn on CNN, Dancing in the streets of Baghdad
  170. aug 2
  171. Encouragement
  172. Cheney going to Iraq Tuesday.
  173. Can the Bush order block currency speculation.
  174. If anyone is having trouble with the other site.
  175. Polimer Dinars?
  176. Report Members that Make problems in Rumor section here.
  177. Questions and Observations from a lurker!
  178. Countdown Clock to Aug 2nd
  179. PEAK OIL WARNING by Offshore-Wealth Club
  180. Has Exxon already signed oil contracts now?
  181. This Weekend 07/14/07
  182. Debt!!!! Here is your answer!!!
  183. What happened to RR??
  184. ISX Signifcance
  185. Dinar On Track...7/10/07
  186. HCL smoke screens...
  187. Warren Buffet and George Sorios Both Big investors In DINAR ??
  188. Neno, i'm not sure why thread closed
  189. Isx
  190. 07.07.07
  191. "RollsRoyce . . . June 25 Tidbit!"
  192. LOL rumor my marlboro
  193. 25-50 post min/implementation from next week
  194. "RollsRoyce . . . June 21 Stuff!"
  195. Iraqi vs Kwaiti RV?
  196. RV Date Posted By Someone else under a different heading
  197. Finally beginning REAL reval speculation
  198. Security in place
  199. Rates, Dates, & Fates.
  200. Did the ISX open or is the site just been updated?
  201. Seems Like Electronic Trading That's Being Discussed Here?
  202. Planning RC TOS Charter
  203. Could be Something, Could be Nothing
  204. A possible RV Date!!!
  205. Bigjase1 posted this before rumour thread went offline.
  206. With all this talk of Cults...
  207. New Info....for anything here. Taxes, Chit-Chat, Whatever.
  208. Rumors are fine in rumor section
  209. Slow growth vs overnight RV
  210. chit chat and off topic posts
  211. Gratitude!
  212. Mis Using VERBS
  213. What is really going on??
  214. Like the Heinz commercial on TV ( the anticipation is making me wait) Its also killin
  215. Keeping perspective
  216. "RollsRoyce ISX Tidbit!"
  217. Parliament & Political Leadership Should Be Indicted
  218. "RollsRoyce - June 2 - G.W.O.O.A.L.!"
  219. Has the Blume Fallen Off RR'S Rumor?
  220. Iraq Petroleum Conference in September!
  221. Pipshurricane Information
  222. Could This Be Our RV Announcement!!!
  223. For Naysayers Only!
  224. ISX to open to FI in 60 days. Electronic by October 07
  225. I Can't Imagine...
  226. $3,500,000 dollar bet
  227. First Post.....post RV?!?!
  228. RollsRoyce update thread
  229. Wto Meeting 25 May: Wto-wth?
  230. Thread was Closed and Picked thru, for the Move to the New One.-neno
  231. Hear ye Hear ye Gather Round for the next Rolls Royce appearance... Approximately in:
  232. Following on from Dejavu's thread does this article show that Lower Denoms are there
  233. Lower Denoms????? Shabibi.......
  234. Imf's Article 4 Mid-may Meeting Any Clue??
  235. The trend is our friend
  236. Glad 1260 is GONE!!
  237. Who Needed That Oil Conference...not The Rv!
  238. Iraqi leadership's failures raise pressure on U.S.
  239. HCL is with parliament.
  240. IMPORTANT MEETING 20 MAY: $140b of Iraqs debts written off CAN ANYONE GET FULL STORY
  241. "RollsRoyce Tidbits - May 20th!"
  242. IMF April 30, 2007
  243. keep your hands & feet inside until the forum has come to a complete stop
  244. Unable to post in news section...
  245. Smart Spending
  246. News Heard from the Radio Waves on HCL and Constitution after the 14 & 15 Meetings..
  247. GW Bush on Good Morning America Rumor
  248. sunday in Iraq, the start of yet another week;
  249. The Secret - Affirmation
  250. Could The HCL Be Done This Coming Week???