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  1. Internal RV -VS- External RV
  2. 1250 Exchange Rate Document Read it here.
  3. Prediction For Complainers
  4. ....and in this corner.....
  5. Wachovia - will they exchange Dinar?
  6. V.P. Chenney in Iraq Today
  7. Monitary Reserves
  8. Good example of a Historic Reval
  9. All Guys in Iraq report on availability
  10. The View from A Newbie
  11. Will Prince Harry's Service Help Dinar?
  12. RV in June
  13. Did anyone see on CNN a report that the dinars will be at least 1 to 1?
  14. Words from a Naysayer!!
  15. Dong and Dinar same time??
  16. Off topic, need finger crossings *1 of Our Own Get a Oppritunity, Show Support.-neno*
  17. ICI/Sharm Conferences-Iraq Economy Implications
  18. are they still lining up there ducks?
  19. OK if anyone can answer, here are a couple of questions:
  20. The main question
  21. Anyone Know A Wachovia Employee??
  22. Russia rejected by Iraq!!!
  23. Pam fosters take on I dont care
  24. CBI IP address
  25. Shot of Uplifting Thoughts..PLEASE!
  26. Nothing new to see here---move along people, move along.
  27. Stages of the end to terrorism???
  28. a perfect question forthe Rumors and Predictions forum is...
  29. CBI Rate of .19
  30. Rate That Iraq Can Support
  31. 296 Viewing
  32. Cbi Mistake
  33. Cbi Reporting Over 5 To 1???
  34. its Sunday in Iraq.
  35. Economic point of view about RV
  36. May 2, 2007
  37. This is new...
  38. Financial Distress Help & Support Thread
  39. Good News..............
  40. Must Read
  41. I Am Gonna Lay It On The Line.............
  42. gonna catch heck......
  43. No Revalue? Word From Minister of Finance?
  44. Jordanian Dinar
  45. any word on a rate
  46. Double dipping?
  47. care for a nightca...er recap.
  48. The Big Question?
  49. Operation Iraqi Children is launching a drive for items other than school supplies
  50. Did The Dong and Dinar RV?????
  51. Say what you will !!!!
  52. The Window For Reval
  53. Non dinar related a question
  54. Munny Model Timelines (UPDATE)
  55. rupie, yuan,& rubile oh my
  56. Could The Rate Change Next Week
  57. Chinese Yuan
  58. Dinar On Track..4/17/07
  59. so did iraq attend the IMF meeting or not?
  60. six ministers will officially resign Monday
  61. Dealer Rates Will Be Going Up
  62. When A_Gold Talks ...
  63. is this how kuwaiti dinar revaled
  64. Has anyone seen this!!
  65. Dinars Absorbed Into The Cbi
  66. Mondays
  67. the morning after
  68. "RollsRoyce *Tidbit* = Not for the squeamish!"
  69. Any Questions
  70. Thursdays
  71. Dinar On Track..4/10/07
  72. Rv More Info For All
  73. Here Is What I've Heard: Can Anyone Confirm??
  74. ADVN showing .78???
  75. humor the ignorant
  76. Rv Has Started
  77. roninjotown
  78. A rumor claiming dinar on forex
  79. Rv Is Happening 100% Facts No Bs
  80. UPDATE ON APRIL 10th
  81. I have a dinar question
  82. Members attending Amman Meeting and Posting!!
  83. Hello
  84. the new guy speaketh.
  85. Dinar On Track 4/3/07
  86. Past reval's happened on April 1st?
  87. "RollsRoyce Tidbits"
  88. Rol Club Interviews The Mad Scot Live!!
  89. Rolclub interviews Darren live
  90. So are we still on for April or WHAT???
  91. Doc Dave's Revelation
  92. Conf. Call 3-28-07
  93. Reval April 10th
  94. Another 76,781,000,000 In 0 Out
  95. Dinar On Track
  96. My Sources Say, "The rate has been set".
  97. CBI Notes Don't Sell Out!! Strange!!
  98. Is the Stock Market the Key to the Reval?
  99. Very Good News
  100. RV In April!!!!!
  101. A Dinar Call, for anyone that wants to listen in.
  102. WARNING.... U.S. Dollar Exchange Article of Interest
  103. Question/ Challenge to the naysayers
  104. rumor posted elsewhere
  105. i know youve heard the latest rumor...
  106. Iraqi Traffic Ticket
  107. views on secrets
  108. Farm Jiggggggggggggggggggggg
  109. 2nd thread- Phone Call From A Freind.....
  110. Problem with times of Post. Please feel free to repost as wished in other Threads....
  111. Lower Denoms!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  112. Naysayer Thread!
  113. The NEXT New Rumour
  114. OK I cannot stand anymore!
  115. Stay The Course!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  116. Hmmm
  117. debit card
  118. Get those rotten maters ready
  119. Something that will make your mind boggle!!!!
  120. Huge Problem!!
  121. Iraqi Oil Law "Leaked"
  122. Naysayer Thread
  123. It's one huge conspiracy.
  124. Prophetic word of encouragment
  125. Dinar Purchase Price Changes
  126. (THE DEBATE THREAD) A Phone call from a friend
  127. Phone Call From A Freind.....
  128. Muqtada al-Sadr's true identity
  129. New Account Set Up
  130. foreign investors
  131. Roasterovens In Iraq Lololol
  132. My theory on the budget and new value of the dinar
  133. Rumor Reward
  134. CBI Discussion
  135. My Aussie Ceo
  136. A theory
  137. cnbc dinar talk
  138. Tomorrow's reval cancelled per Treater
  139. Has anyone else seen this?
  140. Not until it's time for us to leave
  141. Indian Rupee
  142. Check it out, Now on CNBC channell 355 direct Tv.
  143. Munny Model Math (your potential Future Value!!!!!).
  144. Munny Model Timelines
  145. Is there an off topic thread here?
  146. Lower Denominations
  147. Romur Fun Section for those that will indulge.
  148. Rv Confirmed For Next Wednesday!!!!
  149. RollsRoyce Post. neno moved it here.
  150. Strange occurrences since owning DINAR...
  151. Rumour of US Reval??!!
  152. ebay
  153. My Personal Opinion 01/14/07
  154. I'm Italian. Help me where I can find bank in Italy
  155. This Week Par W/dollar
  156. Maybe something maybe nothing
  157. 10K Eid just dawned on me!!!
  158. Did you see my poll? Please vote!
  159. Lower Dinar Denominations to come out?
  160. A Call from Ted
  161. Kiko Ask for Help. About StrongTowers Board.
  162. 25:1 By 15 January
  163. Top Headline on the Al Rafida website:
  164. problems with loading
  165. Gold and Agriculture
  166. Horoscope for zodiac sign of leo
  167. What is your pledge after the reval?
  168. Slow Revalue
  169. My Turn With My Source. {Friend}
  170. Guess the Rate
  171. Let's Lighten Up - cont.
  172. TABLE D & E (Munny Model)
  173. Tables for rates being discussed
  174. TABLE C (Munny Model)
  175. Need a little help
  176. TABLE B (Munny Model)
  177. TABLE A (Munny Model)
  178. % increases in the value of IQD.
  179. Not really a rumour - but positive attitude from Warka
  180. HSBC getting ready
  181. r/v excitment from a Iraq Freind of a Freind
  182. Urgent! All Arabic Translators Needed ASAP!!!
  183. Black Market Buying Dinars for .50
  184. MOM2TWO INfo from BofA
  185. Prediction Number??????
  187. The $7 debit card dilemma.
  188. sale of Iraqi dinar starting on November 13th
  189. Basic Info...for a Newbie
  190. Prediction from a Dealer
  191. New denominations
  192. Best Guess Date! Amount!
  193. October 15th 2006
  194. Boston Magazine Dinar Article
  195. No new date?
  196. They have agreed on an RV package, finally
  197. Thought I would Share This. Take it for what it is worth.
  198. Iraqi Dinar
  199. ???? From Other Place.
  200. Stop Dreaming.
  201. r/v Before October 1st. with Clock Set
  202. An Iraqi currency reprint has been agreed on
  203. Rules for the "Rumor/Prdiction" Forum for the Dinar R/V.
  204. Positive R/V Rumors
  205. Rumor sent to me via e-mail!
  206. (2nd) NEW All Nighter Thread....(On A Good Prediction.)
  207. (First) All Nighter.(On A Good Rumor)