What has been one of the inventions that has generated the most controversy in history?

I will tell you about one, which has just been approved for use, and I feel that it will cause a tremendous controversy.

What you see here is known as "The Assisted Suicide Capsule."

It was developped for people who want to end their life quickly and painlessly. The capsule apparently works through a nitrogen pill, which is released when the person is inside.

At first the person will feel weak, fall asleep, and eventually die.

Its creator is an Australian humanist who defends the right that people can choose their own death.

I have a debate with myself about this invention, that is, on the one hand, I do not want a person to end their life, but I also do not want someone who no longer wants to live, either by their own will or due to some illness, to be forced to continue a life that for him has already ended. So I no longer know what to say about this. That is why I mention this invention in the answer.

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