Until his house was attacked, I thought Ighoho Oosa was extremely powerful.

Those who went to his house could have died on the spot or run mad or become still or swept the floor till daybreak until the public mobbed them.

The attackers could have been neutralized.

Or any spiritual miracles could have happened that would make Igboho to be dreaded more than this. But the reverse is the case.

Apart from escaping mysteriously, he could have done something extraordinarily powerful to disgrace those attackers without even killing them.

But he simply escaped.

Igboho Oosa may not be as powerful as we thought.

He himself said in one past interview in Dublin that his own spiritual powers are only one-ninth of what his late father had. Though his late father died poor because he was not involved in activism (working only as a witch doctor), Sunday became rich and famous because he involved himself in activism, agitations and many acts of bravery.

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