Sokeipiriye Briggs is an online vendor, who also buys and sells cyrptos on websites like

Many people pretend to be what they’re not…. But you don’t really know anyone who’s honest and God-fearing until you completely find yourself at their mercy.

I wanted to purchase something that was worth N36,000 but I mistakenly sent N360,000 to Sokeipiriye Briggs. I became desperate, and contacted both my bank and Coindirect.

To cut the long story short, Sokeipiriye Briggs refunded the money. He actually wrote his bank to return the excess money while retaining his legitimate N36,000.

No matter how bad the country is. No matter how mad certain people are – getting themselves involved in all sorts of foolish things because of economic problems – there are still certain honest Nigerians.

Given his name, Brigs is a south south person. May the blessings of the Almighty God continue to rest on him. May he continue to experience breakthroughs in all his undertakings.

Sokeipiriye Briggs, we’re proud of you! Yes, Nigeria will be a better place if most Nigerians are like you.

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