How was your US visa interview experience?

I had applied for B1 visa, my interview was on 1 August 2018. Below is the transcript of my interview.

Me : Hi, Good morning
Officer : Good morning pass me your passport.
Officer : How many times you have been outside India ?
Me : I have never been outside India.
Officer: So then, Why do you want to go to US ?
Me : I have been invited by Google to attend a conference here's the invitation letter.
Officer: what kind of conference it is?
Me : It's for the individuals who actively contribute in improving the Google maps.
Officer : Why have they invited you ?
Me : Because I am a active contributor on Maps.
Officer : So what do you do ?
Me : Currently I don't work, I met with an accident, it broke my ankle and had to undergo two surgeries. I am still recovering from it.
Officer : But how ?
Me : I was trying to save a puppy.
Officer: Oh but how are you going to pay the expenses in the US?
Me : Everything will be paid by Google, it's written in the letter.
Officer: Oh yes I see. So where do you live and with whom ?
Me : I live with my parents in a joint family in Gujarat.
Officer: And what is the profession of your father?
Me : We have a family business, we make raw material used in pain killers.
Officer: Oh that's nice. And you where previously working at ?
Me : I was in as a senior executive.
Officer : Please be specific.
Me: I was into digital advertising.
Officer : Nice. Your visa will be ready in 2 to 3 days. Take care.
Me : Thank you.

I was super nervous but I got the visa yayyyyyyyyy….!!!!!!!


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