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    Default Why some people donít want to have children

    Iím actually blown away that most people end up having kids. I look at having children as a burden onto my ridiculously free lifestyle.

    I have no obligations or responsibilities except to myself. I will end up saving millions of dollars. I will save hours and hours of time to do more exciting things like travel around the world and watch really cool old movies. I will be able to fulfill my lifeís purpose of helping people form better relationships with each other.

    And yes, I understand that I donít realize the wild, unconditional love I could feel for having a kid.

    I donít want to have to feel such love for my kids in the same way that I donít want to feel such addiction to heroin. Iím sure it feels amazing to watch my offspring run around, but Iíd rather just avoid the whole situation altogether and do stuff that I want to do.

    And yes, I understand that kids will take care of me when Iím old. But guess what? Iím going to be really rich when Iím old, so I wonít need a kid to take care of me. Plus, I would love to relieve them of that obligation in the first place.

    I am simply too selfish to have kids.

    Plus, my little sister is going to have kids, and Iím going to be coolest, most loving uncle anyoneís ever met! And then, after Iíve played with my little nieces and nephews, I can go home and do whatever the hell I wantóalone!

    Lastly, I just donít feel strongly enough about wanting to carry-on my lineage. Iíll be dead by then, so I donít give a shit. It doesnít matter to me. When I die, thatís the end of the world for me. Itís the end of my narrative. And carrying-on my lineage is not a big enough sell if I canít actually watch it happen for eternity.

    As you ask me why I donít want any kids, I think the more interesting question is why do you actually want kids?


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    Firstly, let's start with the fact that to have offsprings behind you is human's aim on the planet Earth if we speak aboout a human as biological spiece. And if a person doesn't want to do this (no matter if they are male or female), it's not only their own business. It may probably be a psychotrauma or the influence of society. I mean we are persuaded to think that it's ok not to have kids, moreover, that it's good! but personally I don't agree with this opinion. On the other hand, it's even worse when the idea of having kids is pushed upon those people.

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