How do I make Nigeria better?


Get a permanent VISA and immigrate to another country, the streets and burial grounds are full of people who wanted to change Nigeria. You may have good intentions and ideas, but those who would deceive you, dupe you, mislead you and feed you to your enemies out number you. To make a change in Nigeria, you would have to deprive some greedy people of their billions of dollars, ergo you need to step on some toes, when a BILLIONIER soaked in corrupt practices and surrounded by thugs and assassins tries to step on your toes, you and your family might not survive. I believe president Muhamadu Buhari wants to make a better Nigeria, but how many people like him are in service today?

NB: I know I would be insulted for my frank comments and I don't care Nigerians tend to be pissed on Quora when you say the truth, I AM NO STRANGER TO INSULTS AND THE REALITY OF NIGERIA.


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