Everything about cola is unfriendly to blood: its pH (very acidic); its tonicity ( moderately hypertonic); its salt balance (almost no salts; very high in sugar); and the presence of foreign proteins (flavourings) and the presence of dissolved carbon dioxide in high quantities.

My guess is that the cola will mix with blood. The blood proteins will act as nucleation centres for the CO2, which will immediately form a foam of microbubbles. This will trigger the coagulation system, causing the foam to stabilise and persist (like uncooked meringue). Carried off in the venous system, it will form a foamy, proteinaceous pulmonary embolism. A small PE will cause chest pain and breathlessness: a large one can be fatal.

Meanwhile the foreign proteins in the cola may trigger a severe allergic reaction, which would technically be an anaphylactoid reaction. How likely this is, I cannot say with any certainty; most likely low for most people.

Dilution by the blood would take care of the pH and salt issues. But cola contains a non-trivial amount of phosphate, which could again cause problems.

Overall, a small injection of cola (10ml) and you would probably survive, though you wouldn't have any fun. A large injection or infusion (say 100ml or more) could easily be fatal.

Don't try this at home, kids.

Source: https://www.quora.com/What-would-hap...nto-your-veins

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