Of course it is real, remember before Christianity or Islam came to Nigeria, there was Juju worship and there still is juju worship till now. I have visited Cities, Towns where you practically see juju at T junctions sacrificed to Juju gods. Many juju worshippers like to nail some kind of charms on trees, most especially the Baobab tree,why that is, I have no idea.

When I was eight years old, I remember playing in our flower garden with my sister and then we saw those shiny eyes,I can never forget. We called out to our parents and it was then we discovered that someone buried a whole goat in our compound, but did not cover up the head well, probably that person was in a hurry.

Some people use juju for blood money or to harm other people. There are also people who believe juju isn't real. I believe they are real,as a christian I believe juju is powerless before the Lord almighty.

I also learned recently that my great grand father who I never met was not just a juju worshipper, he had a shrine. He had disappearing powers as well. One would think that with Christianity and Islam in Nigeria, juju would have been abolished, instead it is on the rise because of the get rich quick syndrome. Many armed robbers who have been caught and paraded on television always have different kinds of charm among their possession.

Yes I believe Nigeria Juju is real.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Is-Nigerian-Juju-real

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