Oh, dear, your question really hit me hard. I have very strong feelings on this issue (as do most people). But, I also have personal experience. There are several things you need to do. First, you've got to tell an adult you can confide in. If your home life is precarious, then it doesn't need to be a parent right off the bat, but you do need to get some immediate guidance and support from someone who is in a position to really help you. (I'm afraid your same-aged friends are decidedly not in that position, so please leave them out of this. Additionally, kids love to gossip, and I highly doubt you want your personal business spread all over your school).

If you have an understanding parent(s), then by all means speak with them. If you are uncertain about how your parent(s) will receive this news, I would initially talk to a guidance counselor (or other trustowrthy adult). Have that individual then help you come up with a game plan for how you will break this news to your parent(s).

Now, there are some additional, immediate considerations—are you pregnant because you had sex willingly with someone close to your age, or is this pregnancy the result of abuse or statutory rape? If it's a case of those latter two, a serious crime has been committed against you, and the proper authorities will need to get involved. I'm going to hope and assume your pregnancy is the result of a mutually agreed upon decision to have sex, and with a partner who is close to you in age. While you do need to share this information with the boy invloved, his feelings on your pregnancy are really secondary. If he is indeed your age, he is way too young to be counseling you through this challenging time.

Ok. So, you've told the necessarily adults. Check. The appropriate people are on board with your predicament. Check. What’s next? Well, here's the sticky part where I (a complete stranger) am about to tell you what to do. You are far too young to carry this child, let alone give birth. Don't listen to anyone who tries to convince you that your 14 year-old body is just as equipped to handle a pregnancy to term, as is a full-grown adult female. Although the pro-life circuit would have you believe otherwise, for you to be forced to carry this baby to term would be abusive and criminal. If all life matters, then your young life matters too. I'll say it again—you are too young to carry this child. Sure, I understand plenty of 14 year-old girls have indeed given birth in this world, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous for you. There is plenty of time for you to have babies. Now is most assuredly NOT it.

And finally, assuming that you went ahead and terminated this pregnancy, you must get some counseling for yourself after the procedure. While I am confident that you will do fine, this is a lot for you to have to cope with. Counseling will just provide you with the necessary support to get you all the way through this ordeal. Additionally, because you'll probably experience an array of different feelings, a good therapist will help you to sort it all out. One final important consideration—you will have to talk to a doctor about effective methods of birth control. Please do not be foolish, by failing to protect yourself against another pregnancy in the future.

This will undoubtedly be a difficult time for you, but you WILL survive it. Your life is certainly not destroyed by one mistske. Live, learn, and grow.

Source: https://www.quora.com/Im-14-and-preg...at-should-I-do

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