Is 27 too old to master programming?

I am going to be brutally honest with you.

You will never master programming at 27.

You will never master programming by 37.

You will never master programming.

You will never master programming because nobody can master programming. Itís just not possible considering there are new languages, frameworks, etcÖ being developed constantly. You can become very proficient in understanding the logic, syntax, and different libraries in a languageÖ but you canít master programming as a whole; you canít even master an entire language (at least more modern languages) because here will always be libraries, framework, etcÖ being developed for said language.

My advice to you is to try a few languages, find one that you like, then seek to become relatively proficient with said language(s). You may not be able to master programming, but you certainly can become very proficient with a language and create lovely applications even (even if you start as a beginner) at ages older than 27.


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