Interesting question! Made me think for quite some time.

Few examples:

I arrived at six.
Hmm.. sounds right.

I jogged at six.
Nah..that's weird.
I was jogging at six or I went to jog at six. Yup that's right.

So for verbs that refer to a prolonged activity, the past tense should have a period/duration qualifier and not a point in time.

That is why I can say, I slept through the day.
But not I slept at six.


I went to sleep at six.

"Sleep" here is more of a noun than a verb, as in the sentence "I went to bed at 6" . It acts a state of being rather than an action. The verb in this sentence is "went".

P.S: I am one of those non-native English speakers who used the same phrase ..till I read this question.


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