According to doctors, how does a person feel when they're dying?

My husband has seen death and has shared some stories and the one I recall him telling me about the most are the elderly. Apparently little old ladies are heard to say "I'm coming, I'm coming" some even mentioning names, reaching out to loved ones before passing on peacefully.

The brain is a remarkable thing and has the capacity to block pain when it's truly extreme, like a bisection (being cut in half in a traumatic injury)! they're in shock and can be unaware of their situation. Some injuries can cause extreme pain before passing and doctors and paramedics can give those enough morphine to make them comfortable.

Those who suffer from long drawn out illnesses seem to welcome death since they're so tired from fighting the illness and the pain. It seems though that most just want to be consoled and not die alone. A little compassion and dignity goes a long way


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