10 Reasons Why Guys Often Say Ladies Have Nothing But $ex To Offer

It is now a common scene to see how guys trash ladies both online and offline. Female bashing has become a norm that people no longer see anything good in our ladies whose bad sides outweighs the good sides.

Sometimes, even as a guy, I shed tears when guys often imply that ladies only have five minutes bleeping to offer them and that just a few of them can truly help to their dreams come true (I think this assertion is true to a reasonable extent).

To be candid from the statistical point of view, with the rate at which guys air their views and opinions about our ladies, one can jump to conclusion that good girls are now going to extinct or good girls are like needles in the ocean which are very rare to find. However, good ladies have now become a treasure and a rare gem that when you find one, you have to give testimony of it in your church.

I will try as much as possible not to sound harsh before they tag me a misogynist, because I know that many detest the truth. Though it may come as bashing but I expect the ladies to sieve the bashing and pick the sense in it

10 Reasons Why Guys Often Say Ladies Have Nothing But s*x To Offer

1. They Are So Much Concerned About Receiving than Giving
No matter how we try to embellish this, it will not change the fact that it doesnít make any sense. The notion that ladies are naturally meant to be at the receiving end, has made many misuse this assertion. No guy will appreciate a lady who wants to milk him dry or wants him for only financial assistance and doesnít care about his personal feelings or his happenings. These kinds of ladies have nothing to offer than milk you dry and in some cases compensate you with what they have under their skirts

2. Because They Cannot Be Relied On
The materialistic ladies are mostly double dealer. They hardly keep on a guy as their boyfriend even if the guy give them heaven and earth, they will still look elsewhere for something they donít really need because they are confused set of beings
This reminds me of a lady in my villa. Her boyfriend did all he could to ensure that the lady was contended (got her a well furnished apartment, and always sent allowances for feeding and her upkeep). On a fateful day, he paid her a surprise visit only to catch a dude bleeping her in the same room he secured for her. He got mad and sent her packing out of the apartment. All these yeye friends of hers supported her and blamed the guy, saying he act like someone who did what no guy has done before

3. Because They See s*x As An Investment
Ladies who see s*x as investment have nothing to offer in relationship. This is why you see many of them crying after a breakup that the guy betrayed their trust despite how much they have invested in the relationship. Ask them what they have invested and they will say, afterall they allowed him get under their skirts. She will finally conclude that all guys are the same.

4. Because They Are ingrates
Those who do request gifts, money and whatnot are hardly appreciative. This is because, whatever guys give them, they will compare with what other guys have been giving them. They will be like, I donít know Makinde is very stingy. Imagine he gave me a hand bag of N45,000 as my Christmas gift, while Tunde emptied his account and even borrowed from his friend just to commemorate my birthday.
Personally, I feel that doing your fellow guys a great favour, is like an investment while doing a great favour is seen as your bound duty. This notion has made many of them become ingrates.

5. Because They Donít Help Our Dreams Come True
In recent time, I have started venturing and conditioning my mind on productive things that will make me become a messiah to many, rather than give myself unnecessary worries on ladies who will claim they truly love me, and the same lady will start acting weird the moment a guy using Peugeot 504 swags her. If they want to insult me that Iím stingy, at least, I still have my meagre cash with me.

6. Because They Force Guys To Make Solemn Promises Before Opening Their Legs
To some ladies, what they have inbetween their legs, is their shops, therefore, they use as manipulative measures to coerce guys into making solemn promises such as renting shops for them, paying their school fees, buying new generation electronic gadgets and many more. When a lady puts you in such a tight condition, this is an indication that she has nothing but five minutes pleasure to offer.

7. Because They are Lazy
To the average Nigerian lady out there, a man must lavish money on her to be taken serious or seen as impressive. Men are tiredlessly working their asses out there, hustling to better their lives, while most of these ladies just rest their asses at home waiting for a wealthy man to come and date or marry them so that their hustle will end, yet they fight for feminism. Lazy girl have nothing to offer but five minutes pleasure

8. Their Looks Is Their Utmost Priority
Many ladies work more on improving on their looks than their characters, or venture into things that will make them INDEPENDENT. These kinds of ladies have nothing to offer guys than kitty-cat

9. Because Many Of Them Donít Take To Correction
I detest ladies who have the habit of ďif a guy truly loves me, he should be able to cope with my flaws or he should take a walk out of the relationshipĒ. These kinds of ladies are always right on their own part, therefore, they wonít take to correction no matter what. They have nothing to offer but s*x

10. feel free to add the last one

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