When were you circumcised? And what is your nationality?

No. Absolutely not. Wanna know what's even worse? Iím a female.

I was born in Mali and FGM (female genital mutilation) is still practiced there. Both my clitoris and labia minora were cut And this happened when I was still an infant. When I touch where my clitoris would've been, I can't really feel anything. It makes me sad that I won't be able to feel as much pleasure as most females. However, I can still reach orgasm, which I'm very thankful for since most FGM victims have a difficult sex life.

Growing up I never noticed anything until I started seeing the female anatomy and realized mine looked a lot different. I eventually talked to my mom and she said she never agreed to it, which makes me feel better knowing she wasn't behind the idea. My fear now is that most guys I'll get intimate with will judge how it looks or be creeped out by it.

I'm so angry that someone can actually do this, especially to children, and be okay with it. FGM is disgusting and needs to be outlawed. People die from the complications and it can lead to many problems later on in their lives. It's believed that a female thatís circumcised will not be promiscuous. But why would you care about her sexual life? It's just all ignorance that needs to be addressed.

Please look up FGM and become more educated about it if you're already not. Just by getting to know more about it will help.

**I'm against any type of circumcism regardless of the gender unless they give consent! So please don't comment trying to tell me what my opinion about it is.**

Iíd also like to say that people commenting that FGM isn't circumcision, you're wrong , it actually is!

Source: https://www.quora.com/Are-you-happy-...ircumcised-Why

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