Yes, very much. Not studying abroad, in itself, which gave me a wealth of experience.

But taking GERMANY to do a *******, and then a PhD.

This is a country

That moans about immigrants but won t give the most qualified, those who have German degrees, even as prestigious as a PhD, a realistic chance.

Your years spend here count for nothing. You basically go and beg immigration to give more time. I have been here for more than seven years and I am in the same position as when I first landed in Germany. n spite of my degrees, my scholarships, my fluent German, my talents, I might have to go back to the hell hole I escaped from years ago.
German universities spend millions trying to attract students. What they don t tell you is that they think it is technology transfer. You are supposed to return to your god forsaken hole of a country and teach the natives how to do things.

ATTN ******* STUDENTS If you are a top non EU student and the professor is actively encouraging you to pursue a PhD in Germany, RUN. Use her/his goodwill to get a great recommendation letter for another country. She/He is doing it because, increasingly, the professorís funding for PhD programs is conditional on the internationalization of the program. Once you complete the PhD the professor will do nothing to help you stay on and instead will actively encourage you to return to your home country so that you can create more networks for him/her and German graduate programs.

I am sick of a broken system where professors and the university administration spends millions sending delegations to seduce students, where DAAD has its own offices and minions to spread the propaganda, where the actual teaching is done by poorly paid PhD candidates or docents (PhD s who can t find academic jobs but are connected to the university on a freelance basis)

I am sick of a rotten system where professors are civil servants who cannot be sacked and one professor may have over 25 PhDs working under him/her while he/she jet sets around the world luring more students and creating tie ups to bring in even more. Do you even think that he or she even reads your chapters?!

Your language skills count for nothing. It only gives you an year off the time required towards citizenship, but that s only if you have a permanent residence. No points for fluent German.

You are given a job search visa but it comes with so many conditions. You have to show 8,000 euros in a blocked account. You have to show a job otherwise. If you can manage to get a job in a call center or Amazon do you think they ll give you leave to go look for a job?! And the Amazon or call center job won t get you permanent residence because you don t need a PhD, or even a ******* to do that! So after 1.5 years you are out. Germany should be honest. Tell the world they don t want non EU immigrants even highly educated ones.

In sum, while I don t regret studying abroad I regret studying in a country where nothing but my passport actually counts.


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