A former close friend of mine did something that I only found out about after the baby was born in January. She had an IUD in and took it out without telling anyone. Then she got the father drunk and they had sex and well…nine months later a beautiful baby girl was born.

She told me originally that the IUD fell out and she had no idea. Then she told me she was happy she got pregnant because she would get another kid that would love her for 18 more years. It was actually really creepy the way she said it. She has a 16-year-old daughter already with a different man and her daughter hates her. I’ve been even closer friends with her daughter (she’s like a sister to me) and she is leaving to go live with her dad in the fall because of how terrible her mom is to her.

She was using the fact that she had 85% custody to trick her daughter into staying with her but finally they had a hearing the other day and now my friend can get out of that toxic environment for good. Mom’s still guilting her though..says if something happens to the baby then it’s her fault, how could she be so selfish to leave her with a newborn, etc etc. News flash: that newborn wouldn’t be there if she hadn’t lied and secretly planned this pregnancy.

I know I’m getting off topic but I just want to explain why getting pregnant was a horrible thing to do. First, she did it purely out of her own self-interests. Second, she deceived someone who thought she was on birth control. Lastly, she is a drug addict. She abuses barbituates, benadryl, and benzodiazepines and I only realized this when her new baby came out and started going through withdrawals. The nurses found a lot of pills in her purse that she was taking on top of the meds they were giving her and CYS was called. I found two more bottles of benadryl that they missed later.

She also is faking that she has MS which is even more horrible but I won’t go into it. Basically, she gets so high on drugs and abuses her prescriptions to the point where she will fall asleep while in the middle of a sentence, her texts look more like “fdjhgwega” and make no sense, and she also falls asleep in the middle of taking care of and while holding her new baby. She’s pretty much forced her other daughter (my friend) to be the mom. My friend has missed school to take care of the baby and hasn’t been able to be a teen anymore. CYS and police have been called so many times and it’s infuriating how they are so clueless.

Anyway……. sneakily getting pregnant is a terrible and selfish idea because you are not only hurting yourself in the long-run. It takes two to get pregnant and once the baby comes, you better have your life together or it gets rough really quick. Babies are not accessories and they should never be put in a situation where they could be hurt or even killed.

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