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I Could Have Died 95% Blockage

When I got a heart stent at 55 . I felt a tingling in my jaw on a 6 mile run in the August 100+ dregree heat in Houston. When I told my wife, who was running with me, she made me stop, insisted and made me sit in the shade. She wanted to call an ambulance. But I told her I could walk to the car.

Next day I called the doc, went in for a PET scan. The doctor told me I had a 95% blockage and did not want me to leave, he wanted me to go into surgery in an hour, he said he had already freed up a surgeon. WOW! WE lived about 45 minutes away and my wife was in the early stages of Parkinsonís, but could not drive. The doc told me this was pretty routine to get a stent and the mortality was very low during surgery.

So I called my wife and calmly explained to her it would be alright, donít worry. I called my son who lived in town (Houston), an attorney at his office, explained it would not help me for him to come over,. I asked him to please go be with his Mom. This was about 4 PM. I said I would be out of recover very late, but I would call them in the morning and should be released tomorrow.

The next day, I was released about 9 AM, I got in my car and drove home. Two days later we were running again. Amazing.

My wife may have saved my life. I was close to a heart attack, but it never happened. My dad died at 50 from a heart attack, my grandfather at 43 from a heart attack. I was in great shape, ate well, exercised, but it was genetic. The doctor said I was close to a possible fatal heart attack, but if I keep doing what I am doing (exercise and eating right), and take my meds, he said I will die someday but it wonít be from a heart attack.

Happy ending!

Free advice:

If you have had heart attacks in your family, you should take a PET Scan. I did one when I was 33, worried, but it was clear. But when it was redone at 55, it saved my life. It is not cheap, right now it costs $10,000 and is not covered by insurance. But there seems to always be a study going on, if you get into the study it is free. I was very lucky i knew about the PET scan. The heart doc I went to the day after the jaw tingle told me he did not know what it was, my EKG looked normal. I insisted on a PET scan, he said I did not mention it because it is not covered by insurance. It is possible if I went home I might have died.

Not Young Anymore

When I came home with a heart stem, I thanked God I was alive. I also knew I was not young anymore.

PS: I am now almost 63, I feel great. I would never have been able to care for my wife or write my book if it had not been for my wife and the PET Scan and Dr Lance Gould in Houston.