Last year, we were having a session at the University “Study skill’s module” ,when the professor gave us a sheet and asked us to read it carefully before we start filling it in. And added that the one who finishes first is the winner, so everybody was trying to be the winner. Although he insisted on reading the sheet accurately no body paid attention. After a while, someone said loudly "Yes, i have". And i was like no way how did he reach the 14th number,i don't wanna lose .. I was only in the number 11. Then another classmate said, hey wait it's a trap! everybody was asking how is that? .. the student asked us to go and read number 22. Oh gosh! we are all losers ..

The professor started laughing and said, you know what your problem is .. is that you don't listen! He justified that he played the game just to show us how it's important to focus on what is being said. And always remember to read the questions before you start answering them.

To be honest, it was the smartest thing ever!

Source: QUORA