I am looking for a 50:50 partner, in which you come up with the money, and I have the extensive knowledge to trade your capital in the option trading market for a monthly return. I am NOT a broker and this is a proposal for starting a common business only.

What I will do is NOT speculation or gambling. I am a mathematician and I have extensively studied trading options in an aggressive, but risk-conscious way. I created a trading plan, which I tested on several online trading platforms with huge success. I have already put my own money on the line, but now I want to make this to an income generating business.

I am not here to promise unbelievable returns (I will give you an excel file with some financials) -- I am looking for a true business partner, who is putting money into a common business (as a loan) -- I will then generate monthly income (same amount for me as for you) via trading and over the time, this business will pay you back your loan.

I would offer full transparency on what I will do, even explaining to you the how and why (if you like to hear it). The business will be located in the State of Nevada. I have a lawyer here who can set up the business and its bylaws and who can also help us with a state of the art tax strategy.

In order to make this worth your while, you must be a high-net worth individual. The starting investment is $125K. If you like what I do with your money, and how I generate monthly income on this, then you increase your investment to a total of (at least) $500k or $1M (latest in the 4th month). If you don't like it, I am not successful enough, then we liquidate this business, you get your investment back first and we split the rest 50:50. .. and go our separate ways.

I am looking for only one (!!) partner -- we have to like and respect each other. I am willing to give you all guarantees so that you feel comfortable in our biz relationship. I have a business proposal (with an excel file) and a confidential trading plan (which I would give you after signing an NDA).

Again, I don't have rich friends who would fit the above profile. If you or someone you know is interested, get in touch with me anyway .. and I can very well scratch your back as well ...

Please PM or eMail me and include your communication data (phone or Skype-ID preferred) in your response (and best time to get back to you)

Only serious responses please

Best regards

.. and yes, I am a German living in the US since 5 years.