Anyone looking to invest in a start up business or existing small business will discover that a private placement offering might be ideal and financially rewarding as an investment.

According to Thompson Financial, over $600 billion were issued in 2007 through the private placement market.

What is a Private Placement Offering?

Privately held companies, Whether a Corporation or an LLC, must comply with SEC Regulations when offering stock in exchange for money.

The Private Placement Memorandum provides an exemption to the SEC Regulations. Companies that have gone to the extent of preparing a “PPM” should be given serious consideration as an investment opportunity. The majority of Private Offerings are non broker related.

Is a PPM a Good Investment?

Over the past 25 years, many private investors have reported tremendous and amazing financial returns in many of their investments. Many of the returns have been 15% to 30% within 18 to 60 months.

Our Offering is Time Related.

Our private placement offering is expected to sell out over the next 90 days therefore we recommend that you request our current Memorandum today and begin reviewing it to determine whether our opportunity is right for you!

Does Investing in a PPM Really Earn Money?

Company Name/ Private Investor/ Business/ Investment/ Value at Exit/ Return (Times) Thomas Alberg / Online Bookshop/ $100,000/ $26 Million/ 260

Blue Rhino/ Andrew Filipowski/ Propane Cylinder Replacement/ $500,000/ $24 Million/ 48

Body Shop/ Ian McGlinn/ Body Care Products/ $8,000/ $80 Million/ 10,500

Macon/ Ivan Semenenko/ Bulk Containers/ $30,000/ $3.8 Million/ 166

ML Laboratories/ Kevin Leech/ Kidney Medical Treatment/ $100,000/ $135 Million/ 1,420

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