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    Arrow Seeking Investment for my many ventures

    Goodday Everyone,

    I am seeking investment for a few ventures.
    1. a loan/investment to replenish my current offline business
    2. a loan to pay my debts off and allow me to make money instead of
    make payments.
    3. I have invention ideas that I would like taken to market but I can
    offer nothing more than the idea. I need someone who knows markets,
    has connections, and can see the invention through.
    4. I would like to bring my art drawing to art dealers or sell the
    rights to my artwork.
    5. seek investment for a movie.

    This post will just focus on the offline business. But if you are
    intrigued by the other 4 requests please let me know when you get back
    to me.

    I own a small cd retail store and dabble in internet marketing. As of
    now I haven't sold much through the net or really even in the store...
    I need capital so I can stock up in inventory so walk in traffic will
    purchase everytime instead of think we don't havemuch.

    Heres what Im looking for... 50,000 - I know thats alot so I'm not
    asking for that much I'm just giving you my goal and that amount would
    be used to settle my credit cards and replenish the store ... I live
    in a medium sized city in Kansas, USA - the population is close to
    7,000 the amount of customers we had on our most profitable year was
    probably at the most 100 total customers and we raked in 20,000
    however that wasn't profit - no real profit due to having rent and gas
    charges plus the cost to purchase the cds in such a small quantity
    making it difficult to make even a marginal profit. There are still
    about 6,000 customers out here..if i just advertised and got more
    stock in here(can't advertise at the moment because i don't want to
    bring customers in for them to see the small selection because then
    they might not feel a need to come back so I want to be STOCK FULL OF

    if just 1,000 more customer come in just once - and i have moderate
    stock shelfed. I'll be able to make roughly 10,000 depending on how
    much i sell the cds for. normally its $15 a cd... so if i get a good
    deal for buying bulk assuming $5 a NEW CD i'd profit $10 every
    cd...... But thats just if they came in only once to buy-most of my
    customer are repeat buyers so it would be way more than that once I
    sell to them....Now, if 5 was the amount i had to pay per cd and got
    1000 cds that would cost 5,000 so i'm just giving you examples of how
    well the business would go If we just had stock and advertised.

    If you can make an investment close to 50,000 or more that would be
    great - you can set how much you want in return

    now if the cd store does not HOP i can get busy with more internet
    marketing but if its hopping customer after customer I wont have time
    to bother with marketing plus i wont need to...but if I had the time I
    would work harder on Internet marketing and use that money made to
    help pay you back IN THE EVENT that the store doesnt. I also write and
    am constantly looking for writing gigs that I can do on the side so
    that will also help pay back the investment..

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you,


    P.s. I'm an honest man. I will pay you back whatever amount you can
    offer along with interest, it may take time but I don't cheat people
    and always pay back- the problem with paying my credit cards back so
    late is because a customer scamed me out of several thousand causing
    me to fall behind on all my payments ... I originally paid my school
    loan off the 1st year.

    Thanks again, hope we can work together.

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