You read this correctly.

I need one savvy and Serious investor immediately.

ALL YOU NEED: Your Excellent A+ 720 + Credit Score to secure $50K needed to secure a fully functioning & fundable Shelf Corp for my business, and at time of funding, you will be paid $20K.

The process takes about 90 days and you exit with your credit unscathed and $20K.

The organization I work with has their own Hedge Fund Investors to fund my new Shelf Corp. because as we all know, banks are not funding now.

If you have $50K hard cash to invest rather than using your 720 Beacon Credit Score or you are outside the USA where credit scores are not used, contact me and you will earn 20% on your money at time of funding , which will be only a couple of weeks.

Also, I have recently been offered a fully functioning established, very busy Acupuncture Practice and all patients for $50K. I need to get funding immediately.

This funding is for serious medical practice and if you are interested , contact me directly: [email protected]

Dr Margaux Gold, D.O.M.