They simply come to you on Telegram and start telling you of an investment they made and were not able to withdraw until they found this great company “CircleField.” They would say they have been able to withdraw several times.

If you checked the website, they promised 3% per day. Oh my Gosh! 3% per day is easy in theory but difficult in practice. If it were possible, they wouldn’t have to solicit people for investment in the first place, as they would simply make between 60% - 90% per month, and over 1000% per annum.

That amount of profit is possible in a few days or few weeks, but unsustainable. However, this people will do all things they can in order to convince you that they’re genuine. You won’t know until you become a victim.

If you send your money to them, your money is gone.

The marketers/ affiliates are simply part of them. They dress like the US military personnel online, bearing Western names (is it a job of soldiers to promote investment schemes?). They dress like beautiful women, but we know it’s all fake. Fake photos, fake names, fake claims and lots of effort in criminal energy.

The name of the website is:

Update: The website has been taken down. It’s like they took people’s money and fled. They will now build a brand-new website for the purpose of scamming people. Scammers spend a lot of time to build websites like this for the purpose of defrauding people.

Profits from games of knowledge: