Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

PM me if you qualify as a Credit and Liquid Asset Partner for my Medical Practice. I have the office and credentials. You provide the funding for Lasers using new and safe-natural technology. Groundfloor as it can be.

Remember when botox parties began 20 yr ago...don't miss the boat this time. I can be u and running in 2-3 weeks from today.

Serious Inquiry only. This is a medical practice and not a risk venture. This is the lucrative and very in-demand field of Aesthetic Medicine.

PM me for details right away.

I am interviewing several and I only need one.

Are U the lucky one? If you are happy with our combined energy, perhaps we can open a 2nd office in 6 to 12 months.

Contact me directly to see if you qualify!

Dr Margaux A Gold, D.O.M. aka sistersister
St Petersburg, Florida