serious only 81 90 4888-8904 this is the time to do business in japan.
my idea is something i did some years ago, at that time owned by japanese.
many japanese are studying english and they like to drink. merge of the idea.
american style..small light menu. capital required 15.000 us dollars.
deposit money. i have several exisiting places in mind...small located in the heart of tokyo.
for sure to recoup your investment within the year. my dream is to franchise to other
parts of japan..i..e. starbucks which serves regular coffee, but japanese love to sit there
for hours on end..

got the place-scouted before...
i can get the customers
i have bartending exp.
my japanese girlfriend will be the staff, she has exp. as well.
i have valid visa

serious only please

contact me for more details

lucrative chance