Build a strong
management team.

Our business plan is laid out in a 5 year 5 phase
project in Arizona. Our IT data-center will provide Cloud
New Logo.jpgSystems, Storage, Rendering Pools, Social Networking , and more! Our goal is to
service motion pictures with companies from independent to the Big Six, enabling
them to complete animation and CGI at the highest speeds available. Our Motion Picture Studio
is designed to facilitate production on a large scale, with 5 separate studios, a galleria for
shopping and dinning, an IMAX theater,
several hotels, all under one roof~ This state of the art green facility is
planned to be built occupying 27 acres alone just for the complex! Close to the
studios we will build an exclusive RV facility covering approx. 25 acres. The
last phase of the project, our plans are to build a all green state of the art
theme park scaling 45 acres.

If you are someone who believes that in
this life you will make your mark for generations to come!! then please contact

God Bless,

Gary M. Morton
[email protected]