Private Investor/s Needed.

I need a private investor or investors that is/are willing to invest with me. I am trying to raise 1 million in capital total.
I will pay the investor/s back at 25% of the net profit of each investment each and every month until the investor/s have made 200% ROI.
The other 75% of the net profit will be put back into the account to grow it, in return increasing the amount of the monthly payments back to the investor. I do not want to use online currency or anything like that. I will recieve cash for the investments and pay each investor in cash every month starting the very next month. (USD)

I am not licenced, and these trades are trades that I do every month on my own account.
I am willing to talk and/or meet in person to discuss all the details.

This Involves My Trading Style with Stock Options. I use a "Neutral Strategy". It does not matter what happens I always make money!(average 10% ROI Per Month)
To see my trading results so far please goto my geocities page at: index
I do have real trades as well as practice trades on these pages. I will update these pages each month so keep checking back to stay up to date on my trading performance.
I started my practice account out with a total of 2 milion.

Please email me at : [email protected] with your contact information at and the best time for you to be reached and your time zone if you are interested. I am on central time here in the USA.