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    Lightbulb Advisor Central Bank: the new currency Sttsamn the Kurdish language and national symbols

    5th September 2010

    Advisor to the Central Bank: the new currency Sttsamn the Kurdish language and national symbols

    Revealed an adviser to the Iraqi Central Bank about the details of the new currency which the Bank intends to put up for trading and the project to delete the zeroes from the current currency, stressing at the same time that does not have a date soon to inject new currency, and that deletion of zeros is still a project under study by the competent authorities.

    The appearance of Mohammed Salih, adviser to the Central Bank in a press statement that "the Bank will adopt the process of deleting the zeroes of the three, issuing a new currency rather than currency in circulation in order to reform the system of currency in the country," adding that "delete the zeros has nothing to do to inflation in Iraq, and it will Bmrdodat positive on the economy of the country will not confuse the internal dealings or affect it," and noting that "the new dinar would be equivalent to class 1000 currently in circulation and the value of less than one dollar under the current exchange rate."

    And in favor of "the new currency will be more sedate than the existing currency and difficult to counterfeit, and guarantees of safety strong." Stressing that "the Kurdish language will be included in the design of the new currency as well as symbols and signs that reflect the Iraqi national culture and history."

    The central bank adviser said that "the colors adopted in the design of the new currency will not be much different from the colors in the current currency." And on the timing of the launch of the new currency and put into circulation response to central bank adviser, saying that "timing is not in a hurry is still under consideration pending consultation with the Cabinet and presented to the table the parliament after the formation of the government," stressing that " he process of replacing the new currency currency current will take into consideration not confuse Internal transactions."

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